Dr Sleep

Today is the official release date for Dr. Sleep, Stephen King’s follow up to The Shining, coming almost 40 years after we last encountered Danny Torrance.  I pre-ordered this book a little bit ago, and can’t wait to get my hands on it!  More than any other book coming out this fall, I’m super excited to read it!  I’ve been a big King fan for many years, and I think The Shining was one of his best.  I’d heard rumors about him writing a sequel to The Shining, yet couldn’t imagine where the story would go after that book’s climactic end.

The Shining told the story of a hotel that was more than just haunted, it had soul, a spirit.  This soul seems to gain 9781476727653_p0_v5_s260x420increasing control over the mind of Danny’s father, a character made famous by the genius Jack Nicholson in the movie version of the novel.  The hotel plays a much more sinister part in the plot of the book, less so in the movie version.  The story is told from the perspective of Danny, who at the time his family moves to Overlook Hotel is around seven years old.  He is clairvoyant, and before their arrival at the hotel, he had not been able to understand or identify this exceptional capability.  It is another hotel employee that is able to help him harness his talent.  Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read The Shining, and plan to, you may want to avert your eyes!  Danny and his mother were able to escape at the end of the book, with the help of that same hotel worker.

It will be interesting to see where Dr Sleep picks up, now that Danny is approaching 50.  I’ve read a few previews of the book online and it seems as if Danny has struggled in his years since escaping the Overlook.  If you haven’t read The Shining yet, it’s time.  It’s one of King’s finest, and the movie really doesn’t do it justice.  If Dr Sleep is even half as good, I think I’ll be happy.

Anyone else excited about this one?


2 thoughts on “Dr Sleep

  1. Kelly Cary Davis says:

    Me, though I think I may need to reread The Shining first, and it will be a while before I can get Dr. Sleep hold list at the library is way long! Works ok, plenty of time to read other things in the meantime.

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