Anne Rice: The Vampire Chronicles

It’s finally October (and has been for a week now!) – the countdown to Halloween is on!  Are you ready for something spooky?

Hi, I’m Kelly a longtime friend of Amy’s and an equally voracious reader, probably more voracious right now for the mere fact that my child is older and more self-sufficient, allowing me more reading time!

Amy asked me to write a bit on some vampire books.  I happen to love vampires, and while I haven’t read every book out there I have read several, some adult fiction and some young adult fiction.

9780345313867_p0_v1_s260x420Let’s start with one of the most well-known series Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. The vampires in the Vampire Chronicles and the New Tales of the Vampires are in some ways stereotypical.  They drink human blood, killing their victim when they do.  They are dead to the world during the day and most often do sleep in coffins, though as revealed in the second book The Vampire Lestat they also may bury themselves in the ground to sleep.  Unlike stereotype they are not effected by crosses, crucifixes, biblical verses, and they can walk right into any church.

9780345337665_p0_v1_s260x420Almost everyone has heard of Interview with the Vampire.  My first exposure to it was the movie, which I loved.  I then picked up the book read it in just a few days.  Interview is the journey of Louis, told in his own words.  This leads to often being told of things that happened to him in a passive voice, rather than shown the scene as we are in the movie.  The first time I read the book it didn’t bother me but this past summer I reread, again inspired by the movie as it seemed to be on every day on some cable channel, and I had a much harder time getting through the book.  The storytelling is such a different style, it’s almost as if you’re sitting around the living room listening to grandpa tell tales of his life, rather than reading a story that creates a movie in your head.  The second book, The Vampire Lestat, is written in much the same manner.  Lestat feels he needs to set the record straight about himself after Louis’s book, because there were some things Louis just didn’t know or understand about Lestat.  I actually enjoyed this book much more, maybe because I like Lestat more than Louis.

9780345546104_p0_v1_s260x420Though Louis is the narrator and much of the focus of Interview, the next four books in the series revolve mainly around Lestat with book two giving his history, then three through five moving through at present day.  There is then a book that doesn’t seem to fit the pattern as book six, The Vampire Armand, and is exactly as you would expect about Armand, who appears in both Interview and Vampire LestatMerrick (book 6), Blackwood Farms (book 9), and Blood Canticle (book 10) are a crossover between the vampire world and Rice’s Mayfair Witches world.  Blood and Gold is book 8, it tells the story of Marius mentor, Aramand’s creator ,and Lestat’s mentor.

There are two books in the New Tales of the Vampires: Pandora and Vittorio, again these books are about one vampire’s journey.

This is a great series though it can be tough to read at times due to the style of writing, but it’s worth it. What is Anne up to these days?  She has a new book slated for release next week called The Wolves of Midwinter, you can also check her out here.


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