The Undead

On to a set of vampire books I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.  The Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson is just plain fun, though there is some seriousness thrown in.  There are 12 books in the series; and I’ll be honest I haven’t read the most recent book but it’s on my library hold list and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The Undead Series is all about Betsy, a blonde former beauty queen administrative assistant, turned vampire totally 9780515151350_p0_v1_s114x166obsessed with shoes, really nice shoes, I mean really nice shoes like Louboutins.  Betsy is self-centered in the way that I think the general population imagines most beauty queens are.  Life is all about her, well most of the time.  Her worry about herself does extend to her best friends: Jessica the heiress who runs a non-profit, Marc the ER doctor she talked out of committing suicide, and as time passes some vampires too – including her super hot honey Sinclair.

In case you couldn’t tell this is not your average ordinary vampire series.  Betsy is turned not in the normal vampire sucking out your blood fashion but by a pack of fiends.  She wakes up in the funeral home in an ugly suit and shoes she would never wear.  It seems her stepmother, who puts Cinderella’s stepmother to shame, has taken all of Betsy’s clothes and shoes though none of them will fit her.  Betsy attempts to kill herself several times and when it doesn’t work she finally realizes she’s a vampire, oh yeah the bloodlust causing her to jump her detective friend/acquaintance and the visits from Sinclair and his assistant Tina probably helped too, then there’s the trip she is taken on to meet the local head of the vampires Nostro who looks like he walked right out of a 1950s vampire movie.

Betsy is not your typical vampire she can go days without drinking blood, instead subsisting on shakes and liquor, there is an alarming number of flavors of vodka listed in the series.  The author reassures us that some flavors are merely in her imagination while others are totally real.

As the series continues we meet the devil and her daughter, the werewolves of Wyndham (another of Davidson’s series), one of the fiends comes to live in the basement, and numerous vampire subjects come to pay their respects to the new queen.

9780515150919_p0_v1_s260x420Book 10 – Undead and Undermined takes a bit of a left turn in the series, ok more than a bit, a huge left turn, like at Albuquerque but it only makes the series more interesting.  I had to read that book and the next twice to make sure I was clear as to what was happening.

Undead is listed as a paranormal romance series but don’t let that turn you away – it is so much more than romance.  When it first came out I told another friend about it saying it was vampire chick lit, and for the most part I think that description holds true.

Just got the e-mail the new book is in, now to go get it. YAY!


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