Underwater Love

51QHGDTftEL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Did you know mermaids are real?  I mean for real they’re real.  Ok so maybe only in books and movies, but in the universe of MaryJanice Davidson’s books that include the Undead and Werewolves of Wyndham there are also mermaids and one just happens to be a marine biologist in Boston. Fred, don’t call her Frederika it’s Fred, the mermaid is actually only half mermaid.  Her hippie mom and mermaid dad had a one night stand on the beach and here she is.  Fred is the star of a trilogy of books: Swimming with the Fishes, Swimming Without a Net, and Fish Out of Water all bound together now in Underwater Love.

Fred has known since she was a child that she’s a mermaid.  She is a smart-mouthed, anti-social twenty nine year old with THE most metrosexual best friend the world has ever known.  In Swimming with the Fishes, Fred meets another of her kind for the first time, and not just any old mermaid uh merman, the prince of the Undersea Folk as they call themselves, Prince Artur.  The Prince is infatuated with Fred, her abrasive personality is also no turn off for the new doctor at the aquarium, Dr. Thomas.  The 51hTkreeNgL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_two men begin to fight for Fred’s affections which rapidly confuses and delights her, though the delight seems to only further anger her.  Fred is one complicated fishie-chick.

Prince Artur has come seeking Fred’s help.  Fellow Undersea Folk have reported to the king of pollution in Boston Harbor.  Fred enlists Thomas to help thinking she can just leave it to the two boys to solve, oh but nothing is ever that simple for her.

I like Fred, I like Fred a lot.  She is self-centered much the way Queen Betsy of the Undead series is yet she does care about her friends even when she tries not to show it.  I love Fred’s friend Jonas, Thomas, and Prince Artur.  This is just another fun series to read.

Fred’s adventures with her Undersea Folk brethren continue in Swimming Without a Net when she is called to be part of a meeting of all of the Undersea Folk in the world.  The U.F. are discussing revealing themselves to the world, hey what could possibly go wrong?  Well when Fred brings Jonas along and Thomas shows up as well you can only imagine.  Let’s just start with the fact that Thomas introduces the King to the world of two-legs by showing him the series Deadwood, yeah that was a brilliant idea.

I will definitely be looking for MJD to write further adventures of Fred even if they are only short stories.  Oh by the way there is a short story I’ll write about another time with both Fred and Queen Betsy in the anthology Undead and Underwater.


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