Undead and Underwater

9780515145496_p0_v1_s260x420So last week we introduced you to Mary Janice Davidson, and her series about mermaids.  This is a popular series, but she’s known for much more than just mermaids!  She not only writes series like the Undead, Fred the Mermaid, and Werewolves of Wyndham, she also writes short stories, a lot of short stories and publishes them in anthologies.  Her most recent anthology is Undead and Underwater.

There are three stories in this particular book.  The first is Super, Girl! about Hailey Derry.  I’ll be honest I tried reading this one but I just couldn’t get into it.  I love paranormal books and fantasy books but for some reason this story seemed a bit out there even for my tastes.  I may have to try it again though just because I do love MJD.

The second story, which shares its title with the book brings together the self-centered Queen Betsy and the equally self-centered Fred the Mermaid.  The story is filled with them trading barbs, well after Betsy bewitches Fred and then Fred cleans her clock that is.  Former aquarium intern Madison is “rilly rilly in big trouble from some rilly rilly bad guys” and yes she really does talk that way.  I’m with Fred on her first thought, just let the bad guys have her already.  UGH.  The fun really begins with Queen Betsy the shoe obsessed meets Jonas THE most metrosexual male in the world who also just happens to be Fred’s best friend.  They bond over smoothies and begin planning what to do with the baddies.  This story is just fun.

The third story centers on Lara Wyndham, newly minted pack leader of the werewolves.  Lara’s dad has decided to retire, the first Pack Leader in history to do so.  Suddenly I’m wondering if MJD was inspired by Pope Benedict retiring.  Lara has big shoes to fill and strange things are happening.  When dead things begin to appear on her doorstep Lara contacts some familiar characters, yep you guessed it Betsy and Fred.  Oh did I forget to mention this story happens in the future, post Kardashian Riots of 2025, oh please can that not come to be, pretty pretty please!  Lara also reencounters Jack Gardner, son of her father’s best friend, a Packer that does not change form and has never been far from her mind.  Also appearing in the book is her little brother Sean who is remarkably laid back for a predator.  Again I really enjoyed this story, another great installment in the Wyndham series.

I just put the newest Queen Betsy book Undead and Unsure on hold, as soon as I get it I’ll be sharing my thoughts.  Anyone else a fan of MJD??

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