Undead and Unsure

9780425263433_p0_v1_s260x420Queen Betsy is back, in Undead and Unsure, and even more self-involved than ever, which I’ve got to say I didn’t think was possible.  See she’s just back from Hell where she killed Satan.  Yep you read that right she killed Satan.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  I mean who would ever think that an angel fallen from grace, an angel I say again could be killed.  I naturally assumed angels were eternal, immortal, you know basically unkillable.  Ok that was probably a rather annoying little aside there wasn’t it?  Unfortunately for the first half of the book or so we get a lot of these little asides from Betsy, mostly centered on how her life sucks now, how she just has to get her sister also known as the Antichrist to like her again after killing her mother.

In case you missed it that means that Laura, Betsy’s sister, is the daughter of Satan who was a woman.  Yeah that took me a little while to adjust to, but then again as they say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so why not a woman running the place.

Just before Betsy killed Satan she granted the queen of the undead one wish.  Betsy’s wish was that her king/husband would be able to stand being in the sun again.  This newfound ability has Sinclair walking the fine line between sanity and insanity, well at least in Betsy’s view.  The farm boy turned vampire had become one of those doting furbaby parents.  The dogs that Betsy stopped and picked up for him as a surprisingly thoughtful gift have him cooing and baking special treats or rather as he says “baking love” ok I’m with Betsy on gagging at this part, sorry.

Betsy’s best friend Jessica is pregnant except that no one, not even Jessica or her boyfriend have any idea how far along she is or when she’s due, they only know she’s the size of a house and eating everything in the house, and yet they don’t care.  No one is worried about not knowing, well almost no one.  Betsy’s mom, the history professor (hmmm just like Amy) Dr. Taylor has become very concerned.  She’s even more concerned that no one else seems to care.

In Betsy’s struggle to get her sister to like her again, she has planned a second Thanksgiving dinner in December.  Laura comes to dinner but becomes so upset with Betsy that she transports both of them to where else Hell.  I’ve heard many people complain that holidays with their family are like being in Hell, well Betsy truly is spending her “Thanksgiving” in Hell, and with some of her favorite (note the sarcasm) people.

The rest of the book is told alternating between Betsy and Sinclair, a very interesting change of pace.  This way we get to see what happening at home and in Hell.  I’ll tell you this much.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next book and I sincerely hope it won’t take MJD long to write it.


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