Cape Light Christmas

9780425205495_p0_v1_s260x420We hope you enjoyed reading about the Cape Light series, it ties in with today’s post about Cape Light Christmas!

After the first four books in the Cape Light series we are invited back to visit each year at Christmas starting with A Christmas Promise.  Reverened Ben Lewis has a good friend also a minister, James Cameron.  James has taken a leave from his missionary work in Central America due to an illness and is spending the holidays in Cape Light.  On his way into town he runs into Leigh Baxter’s car.  Leigh is on the run hiding from an abusive husband.  Leigh is forced to stay in town. James reaches out to her but how will he react when he finds out her secret?

Jessica and Sam Morgan want a child and it is not as easy as they imagined it would be.  Christmas is not the joy they would like it to be as they struggle with their options.

9780515143577_p0_v1_s260x420Churches, towns, and homeowners across the country put up nativity scenes in their yards each year.  Many leave the baby Jesus out until Christmas Eve night so it is a surprise and shock to all when a baby is found in the cradle in Cape Light.  Emily takes the child in until someone else can be found to care for her.  The little girl reaches out and grabs Emily’s heart only partially healed from reuniting with the daughter she gave away so many years before.  She sees this as her second chance at motherhood, but her husband Dan wants nothing to do with babies.  He raised his children, he’s done.  It’s shaping up to be a very tense Christmas at their house with The Christmas Angel.

9780425217153_p0_v1_s260x420I think the third Cape Light Christmas book is my favorite.  In A Christmas to Remember we finally get to see behind the veil so to speak with Lillian Warwick.  We get a glimpse of her life long ago.  Lillian has been confined to bed with pneumonia and while she’s there she drifts back to 1955 when she first met her husband Oliver.  Seeing how Lillian was raised is an eye-opener, it makes it much easier to see her as a sympathetic character and much harder to dislike her.

9780515147292_p0_v1_s260x420The title of book five A Christmas Visitor is a bit misleading as there are three visitors to Cape Light this holiday season.  First a man found lying in the orchard field by Sophie’s granddaughter.  He can’t remember anything about himself or where he came from, can they trust him?  Second an angel figurine appears at the church.  Finally there is an unexpected pregnancy, just when their children are almost grown one Cape Light couple will face the trials of a newborn or will they?

9780425229934_p0_v2_s260x420A Christmas Star brings us back to Sam and Jessica Morgan devastated just before Christmas when the home they built so lovingly burns down.  They are forced to take their children and spend the season as guests in other’s homes.  On the edge of town at the Christmas tree farm Jack Sawyer is still mourning his wife, when single mom Julie Newton appears on his doorstep in need of help with her daughter in tow.  She offers to help him out at the farm but will he warm up to her at all.

9780515150094_p0_v1_s260x420Back to the tree farm we go a year later when Jack’s son David returns home from Iraq an injured war veteran.  He finds his home changed with his mother gone, father remarried, a new step-sister, and his ex-girlfriend whom he still loves though she has moved on working there.  In town Emily and Jessica have become concerned about their mother living alone but when Dr. Ezra Elliot falls ill Lillian steps up to care for him and discover that maybe there is more to this friendship than she has allowed herself to feel.  It seems everyone has A Wish for Christmas.

9780515151176_p0_v1_s260x420For years Lucy and Charlie Bates’ marriage has been on the rocks.  They’ve had good times and bad though it always seem the bad outnumber the good. In On Christmas Eve a young lost sick teenage girl crosses Lucy’s path and Lucy takes her in.  This just might be the final straw in Charlie’s eyes.  Betty Bowman has been busy, busy, busy with her real estate agency and being an active partner in Molly Willoughby’s bakery and catering business.  She has no time for love and no desire for it either, well that’s not true she wouldn’t mind love if she could just find the right person.  Is Santa the one?

9780425253205_p0_v1_s260x420Beloved town member Reverend Ben has been neglecting his health.  One Sunday morning it catches up with him as he collapses at church, his heart is in trouble and he goes in for bypass surgery.  Reverend Isabel Morgan is sent to care for his church while he is recuperating.  She quickly finds herself enjoying the town and it’s people, becoming more attached than she thought possible.  This was not the type of work she thought she was being called to do when she was called to be a minister.  Ben is at home trying to decide if this was the sign that he is to retire and hand his church over to the popular Rev. Morgan.  Can he do it and if he does will she accept?  Reading Christmas Treasures is the only way to find out.

9780425253717_p0_v1_s260x420A Season of Angels ties together Kinkade and Spencer’s two series Cape Light and Inn at Angel Island.  Adele Morgan is old and finding she has regrets in her life chief among these is the distance between her and her family in Cape Light, specifically her son Joe.  Afraid of rejection from him she instead reaches out first to his children, her grandchildren Molly and Sam.  Each have differing reactions that lead them to fighting bitterly.  Adele fears she has waited to long to make things right and gives serious thought to giving up her room at the Inn on Angel Island.  Also at the Inn is graduate student Jonathan Butler come to spend the holidays and try to find out the truth behind the myth of the angels that gave the island it’s name.  While spending his time at the Cape Light historical society he meets local undergraduate Tess Wyler also fascinated with the legend of the angels.  While he is skeptical she is most definitely a believer will this simply put them at odds or will Tess change his mind?

9780425255698_p0_v1_s260x420I love the yearly visit to Cape Light and have the brand new 2013 release Songs of Christmas in my stack at home just waiting to be read.  As soon as I finish it you can expect another post.  If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all this Christmas take a trip or several to Cape Light.

What’s your favorite book to read to escape the madness of the holidays?  We’re always looking for suggestions!!


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