Christmas on 4th Street

So, Christmas is two days away…  Of course you probably don’t need reminding!  This is always such a busy time a year, my one wish for everyone is that you take time to really enjoy everything.  Of course I hope you’re finding time to read too!  If you’re not in the spirit yet, it’s not too late, hopefully this will help!

9780373777822_p0_v3_s260x420Here it is: Fool’s Gold book 12.5, yes that’s the way it’s listed on the author’s website.   Noelle, former lawyer, recently survived a brush with death and decides it’s time to change her life.  She is no longer satisfied with trying to fight her way up the ladder to a partnership in her law firm, and they no longer seem interested in her.  Her solution: close her eyes and stick a pin in the map.  The pin lands on Fool’s Gold where she moves to set up a Christmas store.

Gabriel Boylan, twin brother of local radio station owner/DJ Gideon Boylan, an army doctor sustained an injury while working on a patient in the ER.  He’s been placed on medical leave and therefore has no excuse when Felicia invites him to spend the Christmas with Gideon, Carter and herself in FG.  He might not have minded the invite if it was strictly for him but it wasn’t.  Felicia has also invited Gideon and Gabriel’s parents.  While both men love their mother they have a tenuous relationship with their father, Gabriel more so than Gideon.  Boylan Sr. is a former army drill instructor, yeah I can’t imagine growing up with that kind of a dad my mom’s cleanliness rules and schedule were more than enough for me thanks.  Gabe just can’t seem to relate to his father and has really given up trying.  Felicia and Mrs. Boylan both want this family to be one big happy family and are determined to see it happen.

Gabriel is seeking an escape from all that family togetherness and the stress of trying to make a decision on continuing his army career so he takes a job at Noelle’s store for the season.  The two begin to flirt, enjoy each other’s time, and kiss.  The problem they have a totally different view as to how to live their lives in the shadow of the thought that you could die tomorrow.

Christmas on 4th Street was another great trip to Fool’s Gold and a wonderful early start to the Christmas season.


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