A Seaside Christmas

9780778315117_p0_v2_s260x420Merry Christmas eve!  We’ve been doing a lot of reading of Christmas-themed books lately.  This will be our last book in our Christmas series this month.  Next week we’ll be reviewing our favorite books of 2013, so stay tuned for that!

Sherryl Woods is the woman behind the Chesapeake Shores Stories, book ten of this series is A Seaside Christmas.  In it, the O’Briens are back, well sort of…  We do see them in this book but the focus is Jenny Collins.  Jenny had a hard time adjusting to her mother Connie marrying Thomas O’Brien and then having a baby.  She’s seen her baby brother, now several years old a total of once.  Jenny went away to college and then on to Nashville where she has become a renowned country songwriter.  After a breakup splashed across the tabloid pages because she had been dating megastar Caleb Green, she returns home to Chesapeake Shores to help her Aunt Bree by writing songs for a Christmas play.

Caleb was drunk, that was his excuse and he knows it’s not a good one.  He’s been through rehab, his band has moved on without him and it’s time to break out on a solo career.  He hears a young man sing the song he knows can set his career back on track, a song he knows was written by Jenny.  After speaking with the boy, a boy he and Jenny discovered, he sets off for Chesapeake Shores to follow Jenny and get her permission to sing the song.  While he’s there he decides it’s time to get her back.  He’ll have to face the united front of a pissed off O’Brien clan which he finds out right off by stopping at the Inn at Eagle Point.  Jess allows him to stay one night with the warning that if Jenny wants him gone he will be.

Jenny always wanted to be part of a large family when she was growing up with just her mother and Uncle Jake to watch out for her, but the O’Brien’s while trying to include her always leave her feeling like an outsider and she’s not sure how to break through.  On her first full day back Jenny gets a visit from high school sweetheart who would like to try again, on his heels comes Caleb to tell her the same thing.

Watching Caleb work to regain Jenny’s trust and Jenny fight it with every step makes A Seaside Christmas a very enjoyable read.  I was glad to get a chance to visit Chesapeake Shores once again, and I hope there are still more stories to come as there is a whole new generation of O’Briens, even if they have other names, coming of age.

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