Kel’s Favorite Books of 2013

My favorite books of 2013…hmmm let me see if I can make this a short list and not just list everything I’ve read lol. I’m going to have to start by going to the library web page and signing in to my account, fortunately my library has allowed the option to track check-out history and considering I read over 100 books this past summer alone I need the list.

9780425255704_p0_v1_s260x420Actually before I get there I can tell you my first, most, bestest favorite (um sorry was that too much, Winter Break must be going to my head).  Affliction by Laurell K Hamilton, the newest book in the Anita Blake series.  Anita gets a phone call from Micah’s mother, his father is in the hospital dying, literally rotting away.  They decide to make the trip to see him which is naturally nowhere as easy as it sounds like it should be.  I love Anita Blake, this is by far my favorite vampire series and this was another great plot driven book (for those worried it’s still all about the sex, it’s really not).  I’m sad there won’t be a new Anita this upcoming year but I’ll live.

9780425263433_p0_v1_s114x166Along the same line, I finally read the most recent book by MaryJanice Davidson Undead and Unsure, and the Underwater Love trilogy, both of which I enjoyed and reviewed.  I really like MJD’s writing style, she’s funny and irreverant, her characters are either really smart or really dumb (or maybe they just play it that way kind of like Marilyn Monroe) and almost always major smart-ases.

9780778315995_p0_v2_s260x420I also found several sets or series this year that I haven’t reviewed yet but they’re on my to-do list: Thunder Point by Robyn Carr.  A small town on the Oregon coast full of interesting characters and while this is a romance set it is also about the town and it’s people, just one of the reasons I’m so drawn to series especially those set in small towns.  Another small Oregon town series is Shelter Bay by JoAnn Ross.  I came across this series quite by accident while combing the shelves at the library.  I’ve read the first five books and just put the sixth on hold. This small town is filled with former Marines and a Navy SEAL or two too.  Again romance but also town centric.  One of the reason I like these two series is they are not all happy happy, bad things happen, sometimes really bad things but the town and its people get through it.  Yet one more series along this line; I read this year my mother introduced me to Eternity Springs by Emily March.  Eternity Springs is a small Colorado town that is on the cusp of dying at the beginning of the series so again the books are about the town as much as its people.

9780425274958_p0_v3_s260x420I’m a big Nora Roberts fan.  I could do numerous posts on her books, and probably will in the future.  I found two sets of her books this past summer that I enjoyed so much I’ve already reread them, yep in the past six months I’ve read these two sets twice and am thinking about picking them up again.  The Brides Quartet is about four best girl friends who have started a business creating the perfect weddings from planning, to pictures, cakes, to flowers they can and do do it all, along the way meeting some new men or looking at a few familiar ones in a new way.  Then there’s the Inn Boonsboro trilogy, set in the real life Inn Boonsboro owned by Roberts, most of the places that appear in the book are in the real small town and owned by Roberts of members of her family.  Not long after I read the trilogy for the first time I was watching CBS Sunday Morning and they had an interview with Nora where she showed off the Inn.  It was really cool to see the actual Inn and see that it matched my vision of it well.  One of the other reasons I like this set so well is that the story is told not only through the female point of view but also the male, more often the male actually.  Roberts has done this in other books and I thoroughly enjoy the style.

9780785136095_p0_v1_s260x420One last discovery this year for me was the Ender prequels.  Ender’s Game the movie came out this past year and so Endermania reached a new level.  I’ve been a fan of the series for years, I own many of the books.  I’d seen the prequel First Formic Wars graphic novels at the library but this year I discovered the books.  Earth Unaware and Earth Afire, yes a full review of each will follow at some later date, as will reviews of other Ender books.  In a way the books almost seemed to be a prequel not only to the books but to the movie, that may not make much sense unless you’ve read the books and seen the movie but there were changes made to the movie that somehow almost seemed to be addressed by these two books.

OK I’ll stop now though I know I read other new books this past year, some I’ve already written reviews on posted or waiting to be posted.  What books did you discover this past year that you really enjoyed?

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