Goodnight iPad

9780399158568_p0_v1_s260x420Today while browsing the kids section in the library I came across Goodnight iPad.  Since I picked it up in the library this morning I can’t count the times I’ve read it to my daughter already.  It is seriously hilarious!!!  It’s a parody of one of the most famous kids books ever, Goodnight Moon.  I’m not sure my three year old gets the irony or the parody – but we love it!  I saw that this book was released in 2011, and of course I was wondering, why haven’t I read this already?

I’m not sure how Margaret Wise Brown would feel about this story, or about how tech- and gadget-obsessed our society has become.  The book was written Ann Droyd, which is a pseudonym for an author who has written many books for children.  Her idea in this creation is to remind us all to power down.  That’s a powerful message and reminder, something we always need to be mindful of!  I always make a point to read to my daughter every night, and to turn off the TV and actually read before I go to bed too.  When technology calls, phones ring, texts/tweets/updates beeps, peace and quiet awaits with a good book!

Instead of the cow jumping over the moon, there is a bird (the angry sort) launching over the moon.  Instead of the old lady whispering hush, there’s a fed-up old woman who was trying to sleep.  She says, “Okay, that’s it!”  Then it’s time to say Goodnight iPad, and she proceeds to throw all electronic devices out the window.  The loudest to protest is the dad.  Hmm…

The last page features a quiet scene of a parent and child reading the original Goodnight Moon, not a device in sight!


One thought on “Goodnight iPad

  1. Kelly says:

    I love this one. I read it to my technology classes all grades bc there are things the 4th and 5th graders catch the younger kids don’t. It’s a fun read! There’s also a Goodnight Goons book, haven’t read it yet though

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