A Kids Take: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

9780810993136_p0_v4_s260x420Hello, Kelly here.   My son, a third grader, is just recently a convert to the world of bookworms.  The book that did it, the series that served as the gateway was The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Bless Jeff Kinney.  As a teacher I know that some kids just need to find that one book to get them started on a lifetime love of reading.  I’m thrilled my son finally found his.  This is his review of the original Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, in his words, dictated to me run-on sentences and all.

The Wimpy Kid boy is named Greg Heffley.  He is in middle school stuck with a bunch of “morons.”  He does not like middle school at all.

In his family he has a mom, dad, older brother named Rodrick, and a little brother named Manny.  His brother Rodrick picks on him all the time.  He punches Greg sometimes.  Greg has a journal not a diary.  He specifically told his mom to get something that did not say diary on it, she didn’t listen because the book she gave him said diary.  His mom thought he would write his feelings in it, but he didn’t agree with her.  The only reason he agreed to write in this thing was once he was rich and famous he would not have to answer people’s dumb questions like tell us about your life.

In his diary he mostly talks about his life.  He goes to a school and the vice principal is Mr. Roy, he doesn’t like Mr. Roy because he is always bugging Greg about not doing the right things.  Rowley is Greg’s best friend and Rowley has the video game Twisted Wizard that Greg always wanted.  Greg’s dad is always bugging Greg about doing something active and one night after dinner Greg told his dad that he could play sports without getting sweaty but as usual his dad made him go outside.  Once his dad sends him outside he goes to Rowley’s house to play Twisted Wizard.  Most of the times once Greg suggests another game Rowley’s dad looks it up on the website for parents and if it has fighting he says no.

On the second day of middle school a bulletin board was up on the wall; it showed some activities like dancing and wrestling.  Rowley showed Greg the wrestling program and Greg said he knows all the moves in wrestling like the Vader Bomb, but Greg didn’t know that was fake wrestling so his wrestling coach told him they’re going to do the speed takedown and Greg asked what about Vader Bombs.  His coach said “that was fake wrestling this is real wrestling.”  Greg gets beaten up by the weirdest kid in the school, Fregley, during wrestling.  Fregley is really not popular.

The movie is different from the book. (Mom aside: well yeah, ok back to the review)  In the book Greg won the comic contest for the school newspaper, in the movie Rowley wins.  Greg’s comic was called Creighton the Cretin.  Rowley writes this comic called Zooweemama.

Rowley breaks his arm from a big wheel accident.  All the girls at school want to sign his cast.  Greg says “is it really broken?” Rowley says “the doctor said it’s broken.”  Greg doesn’t feel happy because Rowley is getting all kinds of attention.  Read the book to find out more and get your Wimpy Kid on!


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