Flowers in the Attic

9781476775869_p0_v1_s260x420So Lifetime aired a new movie version of Flowers in the Attic Saturday night.  I’m not a huge fan of Lifetime, so I was interested how well they would do with this version.  I had no idea a new movie version was in the works until I saw the three female stars of the movie interviewed on the Today show a few days ago.  Anchored by Kiernan Shipka, the talented young actress who also plays Sally Draper on Mad Men.  She has certainly experienced her share of drama and difficult subject matters at such a young age, and it shows.  Heather Graham plays Corrine, darling and doting mother to the four perfectly blonde children.  In the book she is described as an ornament; beautiful, charming, and airy – yet useless at providing for her family in her husband’s absence.  I’ve never seen Heather Graham in a real dramatic role, but I think she has done well portraying this cunning woman.

Ellen Burstyn plays the evil grandmother, Olivia Foxworth.  Because part the story is so utterly disturbing, I imagine this is a difficult role to take on.  She does it well, were it not for these three actresses this movie would not be as great as is.  It’s really difficult to find anything bad to say about the movie. Of course I’m not a TV critic, only an amateur book critic!  But if you loved the book and missed the movie – you should definitely watch it!

I loved the book, and have read it multiple times.  Each time I’m shocked by how cruel the mother and grandmother are – and also why the children stay so long without trying to escape.  I am now interested in reading the follow-up books Andrews wrote (and I believe there were 4!).  The movie certainly left things off with a hint that there would be a sequel.  Andrews actually wrote 3 follow-up books, and I heard that the movie sequel is already in the works.  I’ll definitely be watching!!!


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