New Fiction Friday: Read It and Weep

9780425242186_p0_v1_s260x420This book is the newest in the Library Lovers Mystery series by Jenn McKinlay.  I discovered this series randomly at the library this summer while looking for new books to read.  One of the things I love about my library is they have several displays of books set out: new books, books recently returned, books on a theme, and popular books to name a few.  I came across the first book, Books Can Be Deceiving on the recently returned shelf.  I then ran, ok not ran it is the library after all, but I did hurry back to the mystery section to find the next two books Due or Die and Book, Line and Sinker.

This series is set in Briar Creek, Connecticut (side note I’m a teacher and I just now realized it’s spelled connect-i-cut, oh I’m so ashamed).  Lindsey Norris is the head librarian and quite the curiosity struck lady as well, in case you hadn’t guessed she would be our Nancy Drew, our Jessica Fletcher, our Sheryl-lock Holmes.  Ok yeah, I apologize for that last one it was really bad.

9780425260722_p0_v1_s260x420Briar Creek, which has always been a quiet little town, well not always there have been a few incidents that come back up throughout these books.  The town and that includes the Thumb Islands, about a hundred small islands off the coast (perhaps modeled after the real-life Thimble Islands, off the coast of Stony Creek, Connecticut.  Lately however there has been a frightening number of murders, well including this book four.

It’s time for a new play to be put on at the local theatre in Read It and Weep.  Lindsey’s friend Violet, a former actress former in the sense that she no longer acts for a living, is producing A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Heartthrob and good friend of Violet, Robbie Vine has come to town to play the role of Puck.  Robbie takes an interest in Lindsey which seems to intrigue and fluster her.  Many of the townspeople audition for parts including “the lemon” old school librarian Mrs. Cole.

Rehearsals begin and so does the trouble.  Someone is out to get one of the actors, from injuries, to a blackout and attack, and finally poisoning everyone is on edge and Lindsey is determined to figure out what’s going on.

I have come to really enjoy mysteries, which should come as no surprise as I was a HUGE Nancy Drew fan as a kid, used to check them out ten at a time, it just took a bit for me to find an adult mystery series I enjoy.  Hope you enjoy this series too!


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