They wrote a book?


By now, it’s safe to assume that everyone has heard or seen the Ylvis song “What Does the Fox Say?”  At this point the video has over 350 million views.  I personally can attest that at least 100 of those views are from me!  Some think the song is hilarious – others annoying and a bit ridiculous!  I understand both sides, and probably the only reason I’ve seen the video so many times is that my daughter loves it!  Right before Christmas Ylvis, the duo of Norwegian brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker who made the video, was able to turn this song into a children’s book.

I knew my daughter would get a kick out of this book – and of course she loves it just as much as she does the song.  It’s certainly no great work of literature – but it is fun to read (and helpful if you’ve ever tried to figure out the lyrics – I know I’m not the only one!!).  The first time we read it together I laughed so hard I cried – each lyric, and each crazy sound is written out.  It’s a bit ridiculous – but hilariously fun!

9781481422239_p3_v4_s600My favorite part of the day – always – is reading to my daughter at night.  Not because I know bedtime is coming soon and I can finally relax (ok – sometimes that’s it)…  But it’s because it’s sometimes the only time during our day that we are cuddled up, relaxing, and enjoying something we both love.  I read because I love the books just as much as she does.  I read because I want her to love reading like I do.  I read because it’s such a great bonding experience – and what better way to spend this time than laughing together!  I love this book – it’s hilarious, silly, and the perfect book for a kid who loves to laugh!



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