Veronica Roth

9780062024039_p0_v3_s260x420Veronica Roth has lately achieved the almost success and popularity as Suzanne Collins.  If you’re unfamiliar with her work – you may be soon!  Divergent the movie is set to release in March.  I came across Divergent almost by accident after reading the Hunger Games trilogy and really enjoyed it but somehow lost track as each new book was being released so when I saw that Allegiant was out I put in on hold at the library and proceeded to wait about three months for it to come in.  This is the third book in the Divergent trilogy.   

Tris is once again imprisoned in the Erudite building awaiting her fate and contemplating the video released by Tobias (Four) at the end of the last book.  Tobias’s mother Evelyn the Factionless leader has taken over the city.  She forces everyone in the city to live as if they are factionless, gone are the clothing and traits that identify each faction; every person in the city must wear more than one color they must intermingle in their living 9780062024060_p0_v6_s260x420quarters.  There is a contingent of rebels that wants to maintain factions however.  The factionless and faction rebels have several small skirmishes culminating in a large one at the over the bowls used at the Choosing Ceremony.  When the fight ends in death Tris accepts an invitation to a meeting of the rebel group.  In the meantime Tobias tell her that her brother Caleb has been sentenced to be executed in two weeks.  While unable to get beyond her brother’s betrayal that lead to her own near execution when she decides to leave the city with a group of rebels taking Caleb along is her one condition. 

Tris and a group of her friends escape the city losing Tori, to be found by someone Tobias thought was dead his former initiate instructor Amar.  They are taken to headquarters of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare at the former O’Hare airport, confirming for the reader that Tris’s city was indeed Chicago, just in case you weren’t sure because sometimes books like this take place in fictional places that just have similarities to our world.  At the Bureau they are told that the cities were an experiment.  Their goal is to get Divergent people, people with pure genes.

This story moves fairly fast considering how long it is, and while I enjoyed it there were almost too many twists and turns for me.  The end shocked me, I never saw it coming.  Maybe I should have; I’m sure other readers did but not me.  It is a realistic ending though not entirely happy, such is life.  I’d honestly be curious to see an update of this world a few years later, or a companion book from another city/experiment similar to Scott Westerfield’s Extras after her Uglies trilogy, another great futuristic yet in the real world set of books.  There you go, three sets of books to read if you like this genre, and three more sets of books that get kids and adults alike to learn to love reading just for fun: the Hunger Games trilogy, the Divergent trilogy, and the Uglies set.

4 thoughts on “Veronica Roth

  1. bbutler627 says:

    Really well done review! I personally wasn’t a fan of Allegiant, but I appreciated your perspective here. Made me think on it a bit more. I didn’t expect a happy ending, however I thought that Insurgent was so well-written and Allegiant fell short of that. It was the writing that irked me and I think Veronica Roth is talented! Maybe too plugged in and too much pressure to finish. I’ll still go see the movie, no doubt.

    • Amy O says:

      Thank you! We are fans of the series – and can’t wait to see the movie! I agree that there may have been pressure to finish – and pressure to turn this into a series. The series-trilogy-distopia thing is getting a formulaic for me.

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