New Fiction Friday: The Kowalski Family

9780373776788_p0_v1_s260x420This week’s NFF comes from a surprising find!  We really enjoyed this romance series, and the newest in the series is being released in just a couple of weeks!

I came across the first book in this series by Shannon Stacey in the top free list on iBooks the description looked good, so I downloaded it.  Yep, Exclusively Yours was a great book.  Keri Daniels works for an entertainment magazine, her editor finds out that once upon a time she used to date no recluse author Joe Kowalski and wants her to get an exclusive.  The last thing Keri wants to do is try to get an interview with her ex, the man she left behind, but she also does not want to lose her job so she makes the call.

Joe has never gotten over Keri and sees this as an opportunity to spend time with her, maybe even get her back.  He tells her that if she wants her interview she will have to accompany him on the annual family camping trip.  For each day that she participates in every activity he will answer one question.

The chemistry is still there and so is the animosity that Joe’s sister Terry holds 9780764209758_p0_v2_s260x420for her former best friend Keri.  This family is so much fun.  I would love to go on one of their camping trips.  When I finished Joe and Keri’s story I went back to iBooks and found several more books, all cost money and while I love to read with the number of books I read in a year I don’t buy them.  So off to the library website I went to put the books on hold.

Undeniably Yours is the story of youngest brother Kevin.  A nasty divorce has left Kevin a changed man, and after reading why he split with his wife I totally understand.  Kevin owns a bar and one day he spies a woman, Beth,  being hit on unwelcomly, he comes to the rescue only to find out the man doing the hitting was the woman’s boss and he fires her.  This does not bode well for Kevin who finds himself quite attracted to her.  At big brother Joe’s wedding he once again runs into Beth and in one of those oh so typical one thing leads to another scene they end up in his hotel room.  A few weeks later, you guessed it OOPS.  Beth wants nothing to do with Kevin and 9780373776863_p0_v1_s260x420nothing from him, he on the other hand wants to be a part of his child’s life and a part of Beth’s.

Book three in the Kowalski family series moves us on to the cousins from Maine. In Yours to Keep, Sean Kowalski is out of the army and looking for a place to settle down.  He wants nothing to do with the family lodge in Maine so he decides to visit the Massachusetts branch of the family taking up residence in the apartment above Kevin’s bar, until Emma Shaw comes along that is.  Emma is a friend of Kevin’s sister-in-law Lisa. (Yeah it takes a while to keep all the Kowalskis straight, especially when you count in the kids).  Emma is in need of a fiancee and fast.  She has told her grandmother that she is engaged because her grandmother is worried about her and thinking of moving home from Florida.  The problem: Emma said she was engaged to Sean who was in the army and totally safe, but now he’s home and Emma’s grandma is coming for a visit.  Somehow she talks Sean into faking the 9780373777556_p0_v1_s260x420relationship but spending all that time together has them each wondering if it could be real.  Then Grandma and Sean’s Aunt Mary start conspiring, uh oh.

The next set of Kowalski books, the “All” set take us up to Sean’s brothers in Maine.  Josh has fallen while trying to trim a tree and broken his leg.  Mitch the oldest is home to try and help him get the lodge ready for the next season.  Mitch owns his own business and lives out of a suitcase the vast majority of the time.  He has no desire to settle down with a woman all he wants is a good time.  Paige settled in town just a few years ago she’s sworn off men.  So what happens when these two decide to just play for a while?  All He Ever Needed is their story.

Ryan Kowalski is home for his turn to help clean up the lodge, though it means taking time away from his construction business.  Being home is not all bad though, especially when he reunites with Lauren Carpenter the ex-9780373777587_p0_v2_s260x420wife of his former best friend.  Though the circumstances of their reunion are not good.  Ryan caught Lauren’s son breaking windows at the lodge.  They can’t seem to resist one another and again one thing leads to another but Lauren lives in Maine and Ryan lives and works in New Hampshire, they’re not sure they can make things work.

Josh Kowalski has finally told his family how he feels about being left behind to run the lodge.  They all got to go off and have lives of their own never stopping to think that they’ve left him holding the bag.  Now his brothers and sister have agreed to help him get free at the same time he discovers that his long-time best friend Katie is a woman after all.  So what really is All He Ever Dreamed?

The newest book in the series is finally out, Liz is moving home to Whitford.  On her way back into town she runs her car off the road and into a tree.  She’s 9780373002283_p0_v2_s260x420filled with a sense of worry and anticipation as this means the imminent arrival of Chief Drew Miller.  Drew, her big brother Mitch’s best friend and also the man she slipped away from said brother’s wedding to have a quickie with, not the person she wants to see first thing in town.  I just finished this one and it was great!  This half of the Kowalski clan goes on the annual camping trip (of Doom LOL) with the other half.  You get to see all the characters again and it is just plain fun.

I’m looking forward to the next two books, though they are not directly Kowalskis’ they are friends from Whitford.  Taken With You is the story of Hailey, the town librarian and then Falling for Max the story of Max about whom the rumors abound and Tori also new in town.  I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have.


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