New Fiction Friday: For Better or Worsted

9780425252338_p0_v1_s260x420At last the newest book in Betty Hechtman’s crochet mysteries is out!  I’ve been waiting it seems like forever.  I suppose this is what happens when I put the book on hold at the library as soon as I know the title weeks to months before release.

I awaited this one more than any other because it picks up exactly where the last book If Hooks Could Kill left off.  In that book Molly’s friend Mason has finally begun to let her into his life more, letting her meet his family including his soon to be married daughter and his crazy ex-wife.  Now I know crazy ex-wife is a cliche but in this case it works.  Mason’s ex wants his undivided attention, she seems to want to keep Molly as far from him as possible though she herself has a new man in her life.  She also is trying to get a role in the newest incarnation of Housewives of …  She is clingy, snotty, snooty, and just annoying.  The book ends with Molly talking to her former beau Barry the detective outside the wedding reception being held at Mason’s house.  They hear screams and go running for the tent.  Um hello cliffhanger.  I’m so glad I didn’t see this book 9780425252949_p0_v1_s260x420when it first came out and was able to read it just a few months before the new book was released.  If I had read this last year I would have been really going crazy waiting to find out what happened.

So For Better or Worsted begins with a quick recap of Molly being at the reception for Thursday, Mason’s daughter talking to Barry, just in case you picked this book up before reading the others in the series.  When they hear the screams Barry and Molly run into the tent to find Thursday’s groom Jonah dead on the floor from a stabbing.  The bloody cake knife is in the hands of Jaimee, Mason’s ex, and she’s sitting in the wedding cake.  Thursday is on the ground next to her new husband in a blood spotted wedding gown.  Jaimee is rapidly taken into custody and for once Molly is not even interrogated as she arrived on scene after the murder occurred.  She ends up leaving with the reticent bride in tow.

yarn-bombingAs the case progresses Barry updates Molly regularly something he never did before.  He’s trying to show her he’s turned over a new leaf and is capable of being in the kind of relationship she wants.  At the same time Mason is doing everything he can to convince Molly he’s the right man for her even while trying to figure out if the murder could be revenge against him due to someone he defended in court.

The murder is not the only mystery in town though, also big is the case of the “yarn-bomber.” Yes yarn-bombing is a real thing.  It’s like graffiti with yarn.  Search the internet and you can see examples that are knitted or crocheted.  The Tarzana police are taking this case very seriously, too seriously to the eyes of Molly and the rest of the Hookers.  Worst of all Eric, the boyfriend of Molly’s usually out there co-worker Adele is convinced that Adele is the culprit.  His mother is in town and he’s asked Adele to tone things down, maybe he thinks this is her way of still being herself?

Molly is at it again trying to find the killer mostly to prove it’s not Thursday to whom she has become attached.  I loved this book and as usual she got me I had totally guessed the wrong person for both the murder and the yarn-bombing.  Way to go Betty!



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