Father Tim

9780143114390_p0_v1_s260x420For our fellow Mitford Years fans!  The story continues, the story of Father Tim that is in Home to Holly Springs.  He has received a very strange letter in the mail, it comes from his hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi and contains only two words: Come home.  At loose ends because his wife Cynthia has recently broken her foot postponing their trip to Ireland with Timothy’s cousin Walter and Walter’s wife Katherine, Father Tim decides to head home and see if he can find the meaning behind this strange note.

The trip to Holly Springs is interspersed with flashbacks to Tim’s childhood.  Memories of his mother, father, grandparents, and his nanny Peggy.  Peggy disappeared when Tim was just a child and he has missed her for years, wondering what happened to her.  He hopes that on this trip home he will find her and possibly find his child friend Tommy who has also disappeared.

While we hear a bit from Cynthia and Dooley this story is mainly Father Tim.  It’s him facing old demons, reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, and finally finding the letter writer.  I really enjoyed this story especially finding out more about Timothy’s childhood.

9780143119913_p0_v1_s260x420The second book in the Father Tim series is In the Company of Others.  Cynthia’s foot has healed so the Kavanaughs are off to Ireland.  The story begins with a harrowing ride down a narrow road at night in the rain.  I don’t think I’d want to be in the car with them that’s for sure.  As I read I could hear the Irish brogue of the the speakers in my head, it was comforting in a way I never would have expected.  Not long after arriving the power goes out and there is a break in at the bed and breakfast/inn where Tim and Cynthia are staying.  The rector finds himself a host of new friends and serves as the shoulder to lean on, ear to hear for several of them. Cynthia hurts her foot once again and while she is stuck in the room she also makes new friends and a discovery, the diary of a doctor who built the large house up the hill. I have reread this book several times, more than the previous one.   There is just something about this one that calls to me, or maybe to my Irish heritage. 🙂

I sincerely hope Jan Karon continues to write stories about Father Tim and the rest of the Kavanaugh clan as well as those he has met throughout the series.


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