Memories of the Future

2940013556485_p0_v1_s260x420Any Star Trek fans out there?  Memories of the Future was written by Wil Wheaton, one of the most popular stars of the series.  I love this book!  I’m a big Star Trek the Next Generation fan, so years ago when I came across reviews Wheaton had written for TV Squad at aoltv, reviews of about half of the first season of TNG.  I laughed and laughed, then came the day I discovered Wil had edited and rewritten these reviews then put them into a book: Memories of the Future: Volume 1.  There was no way I’d be able to get a copy of the print book but it was in iBooks so I bought it, one of only four books I’ve ever paid for for my iPod.

I read this book at least once a year, usually along with rewatching season 1 and then listening to the the podcasts Wil made for each one.  I actually used to use the podcasts as my motivation to go out and exercise because I only allowed myself to listen to them when I walked.

Each review starts with the pertinent information: who wrote it, who directed it, original air date and of course Stardate 🙂  He then writes a synopsis of the episode filled with sarcasm, jokes and the occasional behind the scenes memory, next comes the Quotable Dialogue often bits that TNG fans already know and recite, the Obligatory Technobabble that is strangely enough not always something Wesley said, a detailed Behind the Scenes memory that is often a nostalgic look back, the Bottom Line: what he really thinks about the quality of the episode, and the Final Grade.

The book starts with an introduction that explains how it came to be and what it really is, if you listen to the podcasts you’ll hear this explanation at least twice but it makes perfect sense.  This is not some celebrity behind-the-scenes tell all, this is the behind the scenes peek from a celebrity who overall loved the series and loved his co-workers.  He likens it to looking back at your high school yearbook and saying “I can’t believe I wore that” (he must be thinking about those oh so lovely sweaters), “Remember what happened over there”, “Oh and we thought this was so cool.”

It really is just a fun book and I’m getting ready to reread it now as I’ve once again started rewatching season one.  I get the giggles at really random places in the episodes now when I think about what Wil wrote about them.  He’s been promising Volume 2 which will cover the rest of season 1 for years now but he’s been rather busy,  I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen one day.



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