Free Verse

9781451626346_p0_v1_s260x420This is our last post about poetry for a while.  For May we’ll feature teacher appreciation and a summer reading preview!

So while looking again at YA free verse novels, I discovered two of those authors had also written free verse novels for adults.  Ellen Hopkins has written Triangles and Sonya Sones has written The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus.

Triangles is the story of three middle aged women each with their own unique challenges and mid-life crises.  Holly recently lost 60 lbs and is now enjoying all of the attention she’s getting, a little too much, so much that she begins experimenting with extramarital affairs.  Marissa lives life nearly alone, she spends her days and nights fighting with her gay teenage son, taking care of her terminally ill four year old daughter, and being ignored by her MIA husband.  Single mom of one teenaged girl Andrea is the common link.  She is Holly’s best friend and Marissa’s younger sister.  Andrea wants a relationship but struggles to find a reliable, responsible, unattached man.  As with Hopkins YA novels, the book is a quick read even though it is several hundred pages long.  You get to know the characters and feel with, f9781451626377_p0_v1_s260x420or, or even against them.  Sorry I just never did like Holly she annoyed me, she was so selfish.  While Andrea and Marissa both also suffer with some bouts of selfishness there’s seem much more relatable as they still put their children first as so many mom’s do.  Holly on the other hand, it feels that to her, her family is merely a hindrance to the life she wants to lead.    Major changes do occur throughout the book, we meet Andrea and Marissa’s parents and get some interesting insights into why they each turned out the way that they did and just why they may make the choices in their life that they have made and make throughout this book.  Overall this was a good story but keep in mind like Hopkin’s YA novels it can be quite a downer, very somber.

Hopkins has also written another adult verse novel: Collateral about a woman dating a Marine deployed to Afghanistan.  I have not read it yet but it is on my list.

9780062024671_p0_v1_s260x420Sones’s Hunchback on the other hand does deal with many common issues of middle age, the main character here is another Holly this one 50 yrs old and dealing with sending her only daughter off to college, fearing her husband is cheating on her, and dealing with a mother who is suddenly ill and somewhat psychotic from medication.  I liked this Holly, I rooted for her, I cried and cheered with her.  This book is definitely chick lit but it’s overall fun and relatable.  Again this book is written in first person so you get to feel as if you really know Holly, the poems read almost as if you are her best friend and confidant.  This was a book I just couldn’t put down.  Sones is wonderful at creating realistic characters, characters you feel you know or that remind you of someone you really do know.  This is definitely a book to add to your to read list!



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