New Non-Fiction Friday

I love Dave Barry.  He never fails to make me laugh.  Before Insane City came out last summer, it had been a while since he’d written a book.  I absolutely loved this book, and it was one of the best books I read last year.  It was surprising that he followed that up so quickly with You Can Date Boys When You’re Forty.  But I’m definitely not complaining – I was pleasantly surprised.  I grew up with Dave Barry, my Dad was always a fan, and would let me read his column as I got older.  I’ve read a few of his books, (his funniest – I’ll Mature When I’m Deadand have enjoyed each one.  This latest book was released just last month.

Don’t let the title fool you.  Mr. Barry isn’t a parenting expert – and doesn’t claim to be.  He also doesn’t seem as overprotective as the title suggests – one of the funniest stories told in the book was about him taking his daughter to a Justin Bieber concert (cringe!)!!  So parenting is just a small part of the book.  Parenting teenagers can be trying and tiring – he tries to point out the humor in raising a raging mass of hormones.

9780399165948_p0_v3_s260x420Other possible titles for the book include:

Dave Barry’s Vague General Book of Humor Topics

Dave Barry’s Guide to Whatever This Book is About

Dave Barry: A Dave Barry Book, by Dave Barry

Dave Barry: You Probably Thought He Was Dead

Without Family, We Would Have Nothing, Except Way More Money and Spare Time (This last one is my favorite!)

I laughed at each essay in this collection – and the one written about his Bieber experience had me literally crying!  There is a grammar guide that will confuse and amuse anyone.  As a Pulitzer-Prize winning writer, you would assume he is a really great writer and grammarian, or has a really good editor.  I’m guessing both – but this guide points out the most common mistakes people make, and also points out that it only seems to be getting worse.  One thing in his guide always has me confused – whether to use affect or effect.  HIs advice?  Don’t use either of these words!!

His daughter is 13, and he mentions many of the things that come along with parenting teenagers.  He has a way of making it all seem hilarious.  When attempting to help his daughter with her homework he wonders, why does he remember ridiculous song lyrics but can’t remember how to do long division.  Haven’t we all wondered that before?  Maybe not math specifically, but why can I remember a bunch of stupid stuff, yet can’t remember anything important??

If we all followed his advice we’d all be doomed!  I really enjoyed this book – and really needed a laugh.  I’ve been so busy and tired lately that sometimes I can only manage to read 2 pages at night before falling asleep.  Mr. Barry doesn’t disappoint, this was just what I needed!


2 thoughts on “New Non-Fiction Friday

  1. bbutler627 says:

    Thank you for this one. I had just seen this book pop up in a magazine review and thought, Dave Barry is still around? I really liked him when I was younger too. Same scene, dad sharing the paper and me thinking you can still have a sense of humor as a grown up. I was unsure about it though; if he has lost his touch? I missed his last book as well. I just may have to get this one now. 🙂

    • Amy O says:

      Definitely worth reading – he’s still just as funny as ever! One of the funniest parts is a guide to writing kids book. I also recommend reading Insane City – totally hilarious!!

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