The Heather Wells Series

9780060525118_p0_v1_s260x420We all have a guilty pleasure.  I have a few friends who love anything “Housewives”.  I’ve never seen any of the Housewives series.  I have, however, seen some of the housewives on my favorite guilty pleasure, Dancing with the Stars.  After finishing finals, posting grades, and now preparing for summer school, I’ve been digging the guilty pleasures lately.  These are my some of my favorite guilty pleasure books!

Meg Cabot has written books in a variety of genres.  She is perhaps best known for The Princess Diaries series, but I’ve recently gotten interested in her mystery series.  The series begins with Size 12 is Not Fat, and stars a former teen pop star who is working as an RA (assistant dorm director) of New York College.  This fictional school surrounds Washington Square Park in NYC, and one of the job perks (on top of tuition assistance) is an office in one of the nicest areas of the city.  She starts to rethink these perks after a series of murders in the dorm, the basis of the series.

She had once been involved in a relationship with another teen pop star (remember Britney and Justin??), but is living with her ex’s brother Cooper who works as a private investigator.  When the first book begins, Heather has been out of the music business for a few years, but her ex is just as popular as ever.  After accepting the job, which as a former pop star no one could have predicted, many of the students recognize her.  While still pursuing her music career, her mother had served as her manager, and had access to all of her assets.  Her Mom cleaned out her accounts ran away with another member of her staff to the Caribbean.  This explains why she would have been looking for a job, she also has dreams of going back to school.  The titles in the series refer to her size, which didn’t fit the music industry standard for teen pop stars.  She quickly falls into a murder mystery when two girls in the dorm are killed.  They were at first ruled accidents, but she and  Cooper are drawn into the investigation.

9780060525125_p0_v1_s260x420Although Cooper is a professional, she is an ameteur sleuth and not good at solving mysteries at first.  She has many crazy theories, though she is the only one who seems to believe that the girls were murdered.  Having a better understanding of the building and its residents helped.  While working (unofficially) on the murder investigation she reveals her feelings for Cooper.

Book two, Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, picks up soon after the first two murders have been solved, and things seem to have settled down.  Another girls is murdered in the dorm, and Heather is again thrown into the mystery.  Cooper has vowed to stay out of it – and urges her to do the same.  Now, having been right about the other two girls from the first book being murdered, she feels compelled to solve this recent murder.  This seems like a career opportunity for her, and she daydreams of her and Cooper becoming business and life partners.

Further complicating the second murder investigation is the sudden appearance of her father, who shows up on Heather’s doorstep unexpectedly.  He and her mother had split long ago, and he had been serving time for twenty years.  Adding to the drama, she finds out that her ex is getting married to the newest most popular pop star.  And he’s insisting that she come to the wedding.

I am loving this series so far, there are two other books I’ll save for another post.  They’re great guilty pleasures or beach reads, perfect for summer!


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