Summer Reading Programs

I think almost every library in the country does a summer reading program, I remember participating in the one here in St Louis when I was a kid.  As soon as my son was old enough for the one where we lived at the time I signed him up.  He has been doing it every year since then.

Our library actually has four programs for summer reading.  To encourage parents to expose kids to reading early there is a Babies reading club for ages 0-2 that tracks books you read to your child as well as summer reading events at the library that you attend.  There are prizes of age appropriate toys and board books.

The Kids reading club is perhaps the biggest and most participate in it is for kids 3 to entering fifth grade (eek my kiddo only has one more year for this program after this year, why must they grow up so fast?).  For every 15 minutes a child reads they mark a spot on their reading chart, after they fill 24 spots they get their first prize.  After 48 they get a second prize, if they continue to read there is a raffle for the kids to enter.  Prizes include free fries at Penn Station, raffle ticket for Cardinals tickets, water squirter, free kids meal at Buffalo Wild Wings, free admission to the Magic House on library nights, a free book, and more.  Kiddo has already finished the first 24 spots and now we’re working on the second page.

The teen reading club is for those entering grades 6-12.  After they read 600 minutes they get a prize, then for 1200 they get another.  If they read 1500 minutes they get a raffle entry for the grand prize, they get an additional entry for each addition 300 minutes they read.  Wow that’s a lot of reading, wish they’d had this when I was a teen I would have done it for sure!

Finally is the Adult program, adults are challenged to read 6 books over the summer.   For some this can be a major challenge for others like me it’s a week of reading if that.  I go get my prize tomorrow, for every additional 6 books read you get an entry for a number of prizes.  I’ve done the program for the past two years and had several entries and won nothing, maybe I’ll get lucky this year if not I’ve had a great time reading some great books so that’s what really counts.

For Amy, who lives in Virginia Beach, there are similar prizes offered for all age groups.  Free books, tickets for mini golf and mini golf, the Virginia Aquarium, the Laser Tag, the Botanical Gardens, the Virginia Zoo, and an entry into a drawing for bigger prizes.

There are also reading programs available through Barnes and Noble and Scholastic.  Both of these programs are available online, and offer free books for reaching reading challenges.

Check out your local library see what programs they have, if they don’t have one suggest they start one.



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