New Youth Book Series

IMG_2347Summer is time for sun, fun, and relaxation.  It’s also a time for great books!  Adults are hoping for a time of relaxation, rest, and renewal, which is why the weather is warm we’re reaching for “beach reads”.  Kids are happy to be out of school, and parents are hoping they’ll be reading over the summer – not only to keep busy – but also to prevent “brain drain”.  Last week we mentioned a few summer reading programs that give kids (and adults) incentive to read over the summer.  Anyone who struggles to get kids to read knows that sometimes it’s just about finding the right book.  If that sounds familiar – it’s exactly what we adults do!!  There are a few new (and new to me) kids series that are sure to get kids reading.

9780547237657_p0_v3_s260x420I’ve recently discovered The Lemonade Wars – and I love this series!  Involving business-savvy Evan in a case of sibling rivalry with his sister, both of whom opened their own lemonade stand.  Jacqueline Davies has written five books on this series, as Evan and his sister investigate a new mystery in each book.

I9780810984257_p0_v3_s260x420‘m totally hooked on the Origami Yoda series.  As if the title isn’t enough to get kids interested, the main character of the series is Dwight, a relatable underdog.  (A Luke comparison perhaps?).  Through the use of a puppet he communicates with his classmates.  He battles his own shyness, the popular crowd, and the 6th grade.  Tom Angleberger is brilliant – and this series is so hilarious.  The next book in the sage arrives in August – something to look forward to this summer!  There’s a companion book that features – what else – an origami guide!

9781442498488_p0_v4_s260x420Anyone remember Ken Jennings?  For trivia nerds Jennings is like a God, going on the most successful winning streak in Jeopardy history.  After his success on the show, he’s written quite a bit.  He’s now writing his own series of kids books, focused first on geography.  This sounds incredibly nerdy, but there’s something really fun about these books.  Uncovering little-known facts about our world, introducing kids to geography, history, and space exploration, these are the perfect books to continue learning throughout the summer.

9780448462592_p0_v1_s260x420For the budding chef, Giada deLaurentis has written a series about food, travel, and adventure for kids.  Beginning in Rome, this Food Network star takes kids on wild adventures spanning the globe, traveling through time,  tasting local cuisine, and getting in touch with local culture.  This will appeal to adventurists as well!

9780142403709_p0_v1_s260x420Another fun mystery series I like is by Jennifer Choldenko, the Alcatraz Series.  Al Capone is at the center of the series – someone this age group would not normally be familiar with.  The first book in the series, Al Capone Does My Shirts is a Newbury Award Winner, though there hasn’t been a new book released in this series in a while.

Keep reading – and encouraging kids to do the same!  There are so many great books out there, this can be a good – or a jumping off point for other books in the series, or the genre.  What are your kids reading?


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