Heather Wells is back!

9780594434436_p0_v1_s260x420Heather Wells is back…  At least on my bookshelf she is!  When I really get into a series of books, I have the tendency to binge-read them.  All other books on my to-read list get put on hold so that I can read the series in its entirety (or at least as far in the series as the author has gotten).  I just finished reading books three and four in the series – and am in the process of reading book five.  I’ve been a fan of Meg Cabot, and yes, I do admit to reading some of the Princess Diaries a while back…  We introduced you to the first two books in the series not too long ago, and Miss Wells, soon to be Mrs. Cartwright, continues her career as an amateur detective in Size 12 and Ready to Rock and Size 14 is Not Fat Either.

Now that the dormitory she works at has been nicknamed “death dorm”, Heather in the beginning of book three discovers another dead body.  This time, it was her boss!  Albeit a boss that no one seems to have liked, but it’s a mystery Heather is intent on solving.  Another interesting development is revealed in the beginning of the story.  Heather has been taking classes at the college, and has been secretly dating Tad, her remedial math teacher.  Tad seems to be the ideal boyfriend, yet she can’t seem to convince herself that he’s the right one.  He’s everything she’s supposed to want, but she’s just…doesn’t.

9780060525125_p0_v1_s260x420She’s still totally in love with her roommate Cooper, who is a private detective.  She daydreams about the two of them opening their own business, but she’s not as good a detective as she’d like to be.  Attempting to solve the murder of her boss, she is his with a few more curveballs.  Her ex’s new wife is now pregnant (very publicly, as her ex is now married to Tania Trace, one of the biggest pop stars on the planet).  Amidst the chaos, she is also visited by her father, who is newly out of jail.  She hasn’t seen him in years, yet takes him in, and it isn’t long before he and a “friend” have an interesting proposal.  Passing on what he describes as a great opportunity, the job goes to Mandy Moore.  (Side note – this book was published in 2006, before Miss Moore’s acting career began).

In book 4 Heather is now engaged to Cooper (spoiler of course if you haven’t read this far into the series).  Because Cooper’s brother (who happens to be Heather’s ex) recently was married and has a baby on the way, the engagement is kept secret.  The book takes place during the summer – when the college campus is nearly deserted. Through a series of ridiculous events, the dorm Heather works in is roped into hosting Tania and Jordan’s new reality show (Nick and Jessica ring a bell?).

The mystery Heather and Cooper are working on surround’s Tania.  Part of Tania’s past is revealed, she had once been married to a former teacher who pushed her into the music business.  She’s now being stalked and harassed by him asking for alimony.  This development is a little creepy – and the thought of this young woman being forced to married a middle-aged teacher makes my skin crawl!!

Heather never fails to entertain – and while I’m in work on book #5, I’m wondering when Meg Cabot will follow the series up.  Another slight spoiler – book 5 centers on Heather and Cooper’s wedding.  It’ll be interesting where the series will go from there.  I know I’ll be reading!!


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