The Leftovers

9780312363550_p0_v1_s260x420Last summer I was super excited to watch The Dome when it premiered. Based on Stephen King’s behemoth novel that I found impossible to put down, I was really disappointed in the TV adaptation of the story. A few episodes in the show seemed to stray too far from the original story to keep me interested.  This summer it’s back – but I’m not watching.

This summer HBO is premiering a TV series called The Leftovers, based on the Tom Perotta novel of the same title.  Perotta is one of my favorite authors, so I was interested to see this TV adaptation.  I was not only intriguied because I loved the book, but the series was co-created by Perotta and Damon Lindelof who also worked on Lost.

The pilot premiered just last week.  Before watching the first episode I wondered how a book that was relatively short could be turned into an ongoing TV show.  I’m still not sure how the series will play out – but I was impressed that the first episode seemed to stick to the story line really closely.  Based on the raputure experience that is foretold in the New Testament, The Leftovers follows people who are just that – leftover after God has raptured his believers.  The world continues on, and the individuals who are left are struggling with what happened.  Many of those who were left behind are wondering if life is even worth living anymore.

Although I did really enjoy the book, I remember being slightly confused at the end of the book.  If the show follows that same path, I think viewers will be just as stunned as I was. It’s still worth watching – to see how society might function in the absence of true believers.


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