Chesapeake Shores

9780778326267_p0_v1_s260x420This series is perfect for summer reading.  I actually live on the Chesapeake Bay – and love spending time over the summer at the beach.  We hope that you enjoy these books as much as we have!

Once again a series introduced to me by my bibliophile mom. I’m a big reader, I read 100 books last summer, but I think she even out reads me. This series by Sherryl Woods is about the O’Brien family of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland. The Inn at Eagle Point is the first book of the series, we meet Abby. She has come running home from New York City to help her younger sister Jess. Jess has decided to make her lifelong dream come true and purchased the titular Inn at Eagle Point, however she’s struggling to maintain it as she has ADD and is therefore naturally very easily distracted. Abby and Jess are two of Mick and Megan O’Brien’s five children. Mick and Megan are divorced and have been for many years. Mick is a workaholic and Megan simply could not take it any longer so she moved out, all the way to New York City leaving the children behind. The five O’Brien offspring: Abby, Brie, Kevin, Connor and Jess are affected by this in a variety of ways as we see throughout the following books. Throughout the 9780778326342_p0_v1_s260x420series Mick decides it’s high time he got Megan back as he still loves her deeply and we see them struggle to make it work again.

First we see Abby struggle with the stress of her job, a divorce, twin girls, and trying to help her beloved little sister, then reuniting with the man she left behind. Then Bree comes back to town in Flowers on Main. Failing as a playwright twice after a major first play success she is feeling dejected. As you can guess from the title she opens up a flower shop. She also comes face to face with the man she left behind, like sister like sister I suppose. In the last book of the original trilogy: Harbor Lights, as these have also been released in threes, former army medic, widower and single father Kevin moves home to surround himself and his son with family. We also meet Thomas O’Brien, Mick’s younger brother one to whom he does not speak. The three O’Brien brothers: Mick, Thomas and Jeffery created Chesapeake Shores together. Mick the 9780778326410_p0_v1_s260x420architect, Thomas the environmentalist, and Jeffrey the real estate agent worked together until Thomas saw that Mick was breaking rules about the Bay and turned him in, from then on the two have only spoken when they’ve had to at family dinners.
Between this trilogy and the next is a small novel A Chesapeake Shores Christmas, Mick and Megan have reconciled and agreed to once again tie the knot but how will this go over with their five children? If the kids don’t all approve will they even get married again?

The next three books begin with Connor’s story, Driftwood Cottage. The combination of his parents’ divorce, mother’s abandonment, and job as a divorce lawyer have Connor sure marriage will never work. Still he can’t seem to stay away from his son and former girlfriend, who left because she will settle for nothing less than marriage. Jess’s turn is next. She has always been self-conscious because of her ADD. She worries that 9780778313090_p0_v1_s260x420she is being judged by everyone because of it and in the case of Will Lincoln she’s sure she’s being analyzed. It may just take a trip to Moonlight Cove to help her find the truth. Susie O’Brien, Jeff’s daughter, and Mack Franklin have been “not dating” for so long neither of them are sure how to move on to actually dating. Mack has a plan until it gets derailed by his job loss. Susie is there for him and then it becomes his job to return the favor. Beach Lane is their story.

Time for another Christmas book: An O’Brien Family Christmas. Mack and Susie take the entire family along on their belated honeymoon to Ireland. This gives her brother Matthew the chance to convince Laila Riley that they are meant to be together, age difference be damned. It also gives the matriarch of the family Nell the chance to reconnect with an old flame.

The book that was supposed to wrap up the series is The Summer Garden. Moira, granddaughter of Nell’s old flame Dillon has come to town with her grandfather. Luke O’Brien, Jeff’s youngest child has fallen for her, but he’s not sure how to win her. He wants to convince her to stay in Chesapeake Shores with him.

I said Summer Garden was supposed to be the last book, so obviously it’s not, but the new book is just that new so I’ll give it, it’s very own post.



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