The Inn at Boonsboro

Ready for another summer romance?

9780425243213_p0_v1_s260x420Nora Roberts purchased the Inn in her small town of Boonsboro, Maryland. While remodeling and opening the Inn she wrote a trilogy of books about the process and a trio of brothers. I really enjoy when romance novels follow the male lead characters, this is something Nora Roberts has done before and does well. These books alternate between the male and female characters, a strategy not seen often but certainly one I enjoyed. The trilogy is also not the standard romance novel it is in essence a mini-series. We are introduced to many of the characters and places in the town. This seems to be overwhelming to some readers but as I am a big fan of book series this worked well for me.

Book one is The Next Always and centers on Beckett and Clare. Beckett has been in love with Clare since they were teenagers but she was madly in love with another man. They married, he entered the military and she moved away. She’s home in Boonsboro now a widow with three boys. Like the rest of the town, Clare is very interested in the remodeling of the old Inn, when she is offered the chance to write copy for the Inn brochures and website she jumps at the chance. Beckett selflessly, LOL, volunteers to give her a tour of each room. These “stolen” moments leave them both occasionally breathless and another member of the town vengeful.

9780425246030_p0_v1_s260x420While we meet many of the townspeople we are also introduced to the ghost Beckett has nicknamed her Lizzy. Lizzy lives in the Inn, throughout the trilogy she seems to come more and more to life as the Inn is rebuilt.

Book two is The Last Boyfriend and moves on to Owen and Avery. They have been friends for years but Avery suddenly has a new appreciation for and a new interest in Owen. The Inn is nearing it’s opening date and the two grow closer. We catch up with Beckett and Clare as well as getting to know Avery and Clare’s friend Hope. Lizzy appears again and the search begins to figure out who she is and just why she “lives” at the Inn.

9780425246047_p0_v1_s260x420Book three is The Perfect Hope, and as you would expect the story of Hope and the last Montgomery brother Ryder. Ryder wants nothing to do with the perfect fancy innkeeper but she’s gotten under his skin. Just out of a relationship that wasn’t what she thought it was Hope isn’t interested in getting into a new one but there’s something about Riley. While they find their way with each other Hope works with Owen to find the solution to the mystery of Lizzy.

I really enjoyed this trilogy, they were the first books by Nora Roberts I had read in several years. This set sent me back to her shelf at the library to see what else I could find. Check it out.


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