Celebrating International Literacy Day

By celebrating International Literacy Day, I read part of the book I’ve been working on, Busted by Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Baker (which is great, by the way!).  I also read several books to my daughter last night before I tucked her in.  This is all made possible by the access we have to really great libraries and book stores, and of course education.  I try remain conscious of these opportunities that we enjoy, that not everyone has access to.  

Our local newspaper had a feature in the front page section of the newspaper yesterday on International Literacy Day.  In this article there were several statistics, illustrating just how lucky we are as Americans, compared to those living in the developing world.  Our literacy rates are higher, as is our access to books and greater education.  One shocking statistic from this article mentions that 14% of Americans (that’s 32 million adults) can’t read.  Possibly the most shocking thing in this article: “As late as 2011, America was the only major free-market country where the current generation was considered less well-educated than the previous”.  

This blog may be small and insignificant, but in my life I love promoting literacy – and some really great books.  As a parent, I love reading to my daughter, and sharing my love of reading.  As a teacher, I’m constantly urging my students to read.  I do this because I know reading is a gateway to learning.  

PIck up a book to celebrate with me!


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