Midnight Crossroad

9780425263150_p0_v4_s260x420I am so ready for Halloween! I love this time of year, breaking out sweaters and jeans, and all the Halloween candy! For October, I love reading something a bit spooky.  I recently finished reading Midnight Crossroad which was the perfect read for this time of year.  Kelly and I are both fans of Charlaine Harris – both the Sookie Stackhouse books and True Blood.  I think for her, it was supposed to be a departure from her popular series of vampire books – but for me it’s not that different.  There were many parallels with the Sookie series.  Sookie hails from Bon Temps, Louisiana – a town just slightly bigger than Midnight, Texas, where this story takes place.  There was also a vampire, a clairvoyant, and a witch.  Sound familiar??

Fiji seems like the town’s busybody, and at the very beginning of the story she seems to know everyone’s business.  She’s at first trying to arrange a town get together, which seems unimportant but it’s what happens there that guides the rest of the story. People are hesitant to join Fiji in her efforts to get everyone together, but later it’s revealed that she is a practicing witch and has a talking cat.  Oh – and she throws the town’s best Halloween parties!!  The mystery of a young woman named Aubrey is the real center of the story.  Aubrey was a waitress who had been involved with another townie named Bobo.  Bobo was close friends with Fiji, and the absence of Aubrey was tough for both of them.  He was working at the town’s only pawn shop, and becomes the number one suspect of Aubrey’s murder when the weapon is believed to have been used in her murder was from the pawn shop.

The town picnic is held, and seriously – how small can this  town be if everyone is invited to the same picnic??  Fiji discovers Aubrey’s body – as the picnic had been held at a remote location, that no one seemed to visit often.  When the body is discovered there can be no more speculation about her disappearance – she is most certainly dead.  Details later emerge about why she may have been targeted – Bobo too.  Bobo’s family had once been involved with a white supremacist group, and it was rumoured that their stash of weapons was kept in  the pawn shop.  Bobo, already mourning the loss of his girlfriend, is incredibly hurt when he finds out she may have only been pretending.

When the killer is revealed at the end of the book, it’s quite a shock.  Another shocking detail near the end of the book – the entire town wakes up one morning, reporting to have had the same dream.  Totally creepy, and yet Fiji is intrigued.  Despite the book’s similarities to Harris’s previous series (one that has finally concluded – with no more books planned, as far as I know), I did enjoy the book.  It’s the perfect October read!!  Any other Sookie fans out  there?

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