We’re all about books here – and have been inspired by Blogs-Of-A Bookaholic,  who recently issued a 30 Day Book Challenge.  For the next 30 days we have challenged ourselves to answering her questions on some of our favorite books, and some of our not-so-favorite.  Kelly also blogs over at One Educator’s Life.  She has participated in writing challenges before, but this is the first one we’ve done together.  We’re excited to get started!!

DAY 1. – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just end already.


I hate to go with this option but I’m going to mention a book series I wish would just end already.  Angel Island originally by Katherine Spencer and Thomas Kinkade, now only by Spencer.  I liked the books they collaborated on but this new book I just couldn’t get into and I tried. I kept reading even after I wanted to stop. I finally gave up, it’s just not the same without Kinkade collaborating.  I know Spencer is trying hard to keep up the series but the style feels different now.


I’m also choosing a series that should just end!  I admit to being a former fan of the Stephanie Plum series.  After about 5 books, the mysteries really weren’t that fun anymore, and the love triangle between Stephanie, Ranger, and Morelli was fizzling.  I was kind of over it, but kept reading and really enjoyed the movie version of the first book.  I finally stopped reading a few books back – but the books keep coming.  I think that at this point Janet Evanovich is a bad book factory, cranking out a new Plum book at least once or twice a year.

Is there a series you’ve read that you wish you would end?  Or a series you loved and wanted just one more book??  Tell us!

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