Day 8

IMG_2975DAY 8. – Most underrated book.


It’s an older series that I’ve tried and tried to get students into reading but with all the new stuff out they pass it over.  The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander.  It is a wonderful five book series about Taran the Assistant Pig Keeper. I came across the book almost by accident.  I love the Disney movie Black Cauldron from the 80s, my parents took us to see it at a drive in theatre back when they existed lol.  I wanted to find out more about the movie and that was when I discovered it was based on these books.  The movie actually combines events from both of the first two books in the set.  I think this is a series that readers who like Harry Potter, LOTR, anything fantasy would enjoy even adult readers but it seems to be languishing on library bookshelves.  I’d really like to see Hollywood take another shot at making this series into movies, live action this time.  I like the original movie but I think it could be handled so much better now in the days of HP and HG.


I love Joshua Ferris, and his books have popular – but as a great writer, I don’t think he gets the credit her really deserves.  A few years ago my book club read Then We Came to the End, and I remember being the only one who really liked it.  Not only did I like it – I was blown away.  Just this past summer he finally followed that up with To Rise Again at a Decent Hour, and again I loved it.  Both books are somewhat dark, but Decent Hour hits a … by telling the story of a man whose online identity has been stolen.  People either love it or hate it – and rarely anything in between.

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