Day 9

IMG_2975DAY 9. – Most overrated book.


The Twilight Series, need I say more?  Ok I’ll say more and try to be nice about it lol. No in all honesty I read all four books.  It was a series that I didn’t love but still wanted to see how it ended, no matter how flabberghasted I was at the characters and their choices namely Bella.  However all of the accolades for the series just are too much.  The writing in the books is not high quality and while it’s great that it gets kids reading, that’s about all it’s good for.  Just my opinion.  OK wait I do want to say there was one thing I found interesting, that I liked as a change of pace from most vampire books.  No it’s not the only drinking animal blood though it was a semi-interesting twist.  I think in many tales we are shown vampires with few morals, there are some for example Anne Rice’s Louis but Edward refusing to sleep with Bella until their married due to the belief it’s a sin was unique to me.  Could that one move save his immortal soul?  I’m sure this came from Meyer’s Mormon background and from reading reviews I know some found it preachy but I thought it was admirable that she had her character stick to his views and not give in as we often see happen.


I’m with Kel here, Twilight was ok, but definitely overrated, and the fan inspired fiction that became the 50 Shades series is also totally overrated.  A vampire series with no sex?  No thank you!  I’d also like to call out some really popular mystery writers, but I won’t.  I love mystery, and there are so many fans of the genre.  There are some really great mystery writers – and some who are not so great.  I’ve read several authors wondering how they keep cranking out crappy books.  So I’m not picking one book or author in particular – but rather referring to some “bestselling” authors who have kind of lost their touch.


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