Day 15

IMG_2975DAY 15. – A character who you can relate to the most.


I think in many ways I relate to Hermione.  I was the bookworm in school, and relatively intelligent though nowhere near as smart as she. Up until I went to high school I didn’t have many friends.  The friends I made there though became lifelong friends much like the friends she made at Hogwarts.


There’s one particular character that comes to mind, whose role in her story was heartbreaking.  I loved Sarah, and though she and I only have a few things in common, I could so relate to her.  She’s a stay at home Mom and unhappy in her marriage.  She’s highly educated – but feel that her talents are wasted as a SAHM.  She gets involved with the Dad of one of her daughter’s friends.  The guy just happens to be a young lawyer, taking a break from his career to be with his son.  None of this I relate to – other than the SAHM thing – it’s the feeling she gets when she’s with him.  He’s handsome, funny, and smart, and though she is all those things too, she doesn’t believe it.  She doesn’t believe she’s worthy.  I loved the movie version of the book – starring Kate Winslet at Sarah, who gets lost in this character.  Tom Perotta is one of my favorite authors, and he creates some of the best characters.  I’ve read all of his books, and Sarah I think is my favorite.


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