Day 16

IMG_2975DAY 16. 

Here we are at the halfway point of the challenge.  The challenge has been fun so far – getting us thinking and talking about some of our favorite books, authors, and characters.  Today’s challenge – the most thought-provoking book.


Fiction – Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice, this book left me looking over my shoulder but really had me thinking too.

Non-Fiction – Repair Kit for Grading by Ken O’Connor.  This was an eye-opener for me as a teacher.  Made me look at my grading practices in a whole new light.  I finished the book with a changed perspective.  Made me think so much it was the reason I started my own blog.


1984, and though this book was written years ago (first published in 1949).  60 + years ago it was hard to imagine a world like the one George Orwell had created.  Now in 2014, our world is much more like Orwell’s fictional world than we’d probably care to admit.  In one of the first dystopian novels, 1984 examines what life would be like in a communist society, one in which the state controls everything.  In our lives now, with the Patriot Act, and what the CIA has been up to, and the Edward Snowden scandal and what it uncovered, it’s not so hard to imagine this world.  There’s a reason people are still referring to “big brother”.  The only thing we’re missing is the thought police, or are we…


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