Day 17

IMG_2975DAY 17. – Author I wish people would read more.


I seem to read a lot of books by well known authors.  Books that are on order at my library as soon as a publication date is released so I had to really think about this one.  I finally came up with two, both mystery authors: Betty Hechtman who writes the Crochet Mysteries and Yarn Retreat mysteries, I love them both.  Also Jenn Makinlay who write the Library Lovers mystery series.  I came across those by accident and have really enjoyed them.  I’m pretty sure I’ve written reviews on books by both authors.


Last year I was introduced to Amanda Hocking by a friend.  She’s a relatively young author, and has created an imaginative world of fairies and trolls in her Trylle series.  The Trylle series were some of her first books, and she actually started out by publishing them herself.  Since the success of the series, she has written a number of other books, and has been picked up by a publisher.  I really enjoyed reading the Trylle series – and I wish more people were familiar with her work.  She’s been working on a follow up to the series – The Kanin Chronicles picks up where Trylle left off, and I can’t read it!!

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