Day 29

IMG_2975DAY 29. – A book you hated.


There are two I can think of and one I loved when I read it the first time.

Old Man and the Sea – UGH just major UGH.  I had to read it for school and barely made it through I was SOOOOOO bored!  I disliked it so much that several years ago when a young adult novel Young Man and the Sea was put on our state school library association award nominee list I could barely bring myself to check it out for the mere title similarity.  The plot was similar too but a much easier read.

The Catcher in the Rye – (I’m ducking now) So many people love this book, I did too when I read it in high school.  I could identify with Holden.  About ten years ago I decided to reread some of my favorite books from my high school English classes.  Some of them held up well and I liked them still.  Not so with Catcher.  Maybe it was because I am now a teacher, maybe it was the years of teaching middle schoolers, but Holden made me crazy.  I wanted to to haul him out of the book, scream at him and knock some sense into him.  I got halfway through the book and quit.  I simply could not finish it.


I actually haven’t read Old Man and the Sea, but I have read other Hemingway books and hated them.  I know he’s supposed to be important, but just ugh!!  I may get the evil after saying this, but I’ve read two books by David Seders and really didn’t like them.  Each time he has a new book that comes out, or every time he comes into town on one of his many speaking tours, I shake my head.  I just don’t understand his popularity.

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