Best of 2014

I’m not quite ready for 2014 to be over. In 2015 my daughter will be 5, and I will be one year closer to 40 – dangerously close!! My husband will finally be home in the summer – marking the end of what I hope will be his last deployment. There were some really great books this year – some I read, and some I thought would be really great but haven’t had the chance to read yet. A goal for 2015 – to read more! I do always wish for more time to read, I don’t need to make a resolution for that. Stephen King released 2 new books this year, and Robert Galbraith surprised me with another Comoran Strike novel (loved the first book – didn’t know it was meant to be a series!).

The Unremarried Widow – Written by Artis Henderson, this is the heartbreaking autobiography of a military marriage. I loved this book – Artis met her husband while they were both young. She always thought of herself as pretty liberal and says she never could have imagined herself married to a military pilot. Their relationship and her struggle to adjust to military life is the part Id the book I loved, and the part I most related to. She lost her husband when his helo went down. It changed her life in a lot of ways. She finally achieved her lifelong dream of being a writer.

No Man’s War – This is another story written by a military spouse. Unlike Henderson, Angela Ricketts’ husband is career military – she and her family have endured multiple deployments. She talks about separation, loss, hardship, and sacrifice. She talks about the anger she felt about moving, giving up all her dreams to support his, policy, and the deployments that kept them apart. This was another sentiment I could relate to. His family sacrificed just as much as he did in volunteering to serve.

David and Goliath – I love Malcolm Gladwell, and in this book he takes on some giants, and the underdogs that defeated them. He begins with the biblical story – one of the oldest and famous examples of a giant and an underdog. He focuses on the obstacles and difficulties underdogs have overcome, and what helps them prevail. It was in a way hopeful, and I loved it!!

The Silkwood – This is the second in the Comoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith, written under J.K Rowling’s pen name. I am blown away not only by what is hands down the best YA series ever, but her ability to write an incredibly addicting and un-putdownable mystery series. This was book was great – and I can’t wait to read the next one!!

Food – This book is hilarious!! I love Jim Gaffigan, this is his second book – and it’s just as hilarious as his first book, which I absolutely loved. I’ve been reading this book over the past few weeks which was perfect! Of course it made me so hungry – but it had me laughing, which was the perfect anecdote to the stress of the holidays!!

What were some of your favorite books this year? I just started reading The Revival, which I can already tell is going to be on list of favorites for next year!!



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