Best Kids Books of 2014

I’ve said before that I usually spend more time reading to my daughter than I do reading on my own. If I’ve made a list of my favorite books from the year – of course I have a list of favorite kids books too!! We’ve been reading a lot of Ella Bella, and I practically have all 3 of the Frozen books that we have memorized. These books were a welcomed change!!

Mr Brown’s Fantastic Hat – Written by Iyano Imai this story focuses on a man with a really special hat. Mr Brown’s hat is visited by a little woodpecker, and is home to so many animals. By the end of the book, his hat is as tall as a tree, and houses all of the animals throughout a cold winter. His hat eventually becomes the envy of all of his neighbors, but no one can quite create the same magic!

Paul Meets Bernadette – We have read this several times and we’re still laughing!! Written by Rosy Lamb, who also illustrated these beautiful pictures. The story features a lonely goldfish whose life is changed when a new fish drops into his bowl. His perspective is changed by her, as she explains and identifies their surroundings. An example: a banana laying just outside the fishbowl is a boat. Adorable!

A Friend for Einstein – This story about a miniature horse who befriends a much larger horse is completely adorable. Written by Charlie Cantrell and Rachel Wagoner, it’s a tale of a very unlikely friendship. We loved it!!

Flo & Wendell Explore – I love Walter Wegman and his dogs. This is his latest book and it’s really cute! Flo is Wendell’s bi sister. Like many big sisters, she’s a little on the bossy side, yet he goes along with whatever she wants to do. In this story they “explore” their back yard and pretend to go camping. We loved reading it!

Hooray for Hat – This is another adorable and fun story featuring a special hat. Written by Brian Won, it is impossible not to laugh while reading this!! A group of animal friends is each cheered up by a special hat found in a box. Before being cheered up by their friends, they each said “Go away, I’m grumpy”! We laughed each time!

I’m looking forward to many more great books in 2015! What were your favorite books of the year??


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