Resolve to Read More


Do you have a New Years resolutions?  I hate asking that, and I hate it when people ask me that.  If I want to change, or start something new, I want that good thing, that challenging thing, to start as soon as possible.  I do love the idea of starting fresh, starting anew.  With that said, I do have some resolutions to share, some new “goals” for the new year.  One of these goals is to read more.  A few months ago I came across this article, suggesting ways to fit more reading into your life.  I loved it and wanted to share it, and also add to it.

She mentions being organized and making lists.  Lists of what you want to read, lists of what you have read.  It’ll keep you interested, motivated, and excited about what to read next.  If you’re not on Goodreads, you should be!  You can make those lists there, and keep track of what your favorite authors are up to – and discover new ones. She also reminds us that it’s okay to put a book down (quit reading it) if you’re not totally into it.  I do that frequently – I can usually tell in the first 10 or 20 pages whether or not I’ll like a book (or be able to just get through it).  Another thing she motions that I love is read what you like.  If you loved the 50 Shades series – that’s great!  If you love romance, sic fi, whatever, don’t feel guilty about it!!

I love audiobooks, I listen with my iPod or in my car whenever I can.  Audiobooks usually are more expensive than hardback or paperback versions, and aren’t always available for every book.  iTunes is a great way to browse and easily download audiobooks – directly onto your listening device.  There are a few online sources that also offer quick and easy audiobook downloads.  One of the best ones is Audible, which sometimes offers audiobooks read by really great actors.  Whenever possible I get my audiobooks from the library.  It’s easy to squeeze in more “reading” time, during your commute, your workout, or even while you’re doing chores around the house.

What about your smartphone?  Now if I have any downtime I instinctively reach for my iPhone.  I’m usually mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram – why not do something more constructive?  (Maybe not – I do love Instagram, cat pictures and kid pictures always make me smile!)  There are several apps available that will instantly turn your smartphone into an eReader.  Many libraries also have their own apps available, that will allow you to download eBooks and audiobooks free directly onto your device.

Could it get any easier?? I love the ideas that The Art of Simple suggested.  If you’ve resolved to read more, I think you’ll like her suggestions too!


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