15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 8

unnamedQuick!  Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs.

Kel –

  1. easy to read
  2. not too wordy
  3. pleasing format
  4. updated regularly
  5. links to books or other information
  6. pictures that go with posts
  7. honest opinions
  8. constructive criticism
  9. reblogs
  10. compliments
  11. unique subjects
  12. similar interests
  13. people who respond to comments
  14. grateful writers
  15. inspiring ideas

Now it’s my turn

  1. Interesting content
  2. Relevant content
  3. Nothing offensive – or politically …
  4. Not advertising something
  5. Something visually appealing – pictures, good site background
  6. An active discussion in the comments
  7. No typos or grammatical errors (sorry, it’s the teacher in me!!)
  8. Something worth pinning – recipes, craft ideas, good books to read
  9. Something real – …
  10.  Something funny
  11. Something relatable
  12. Something fresh
  13. A good blogging network
  14. Someone just starting out…
  15.  Something unique!!

Ok, for me coming up with 15 things wasn’t quick!  But it did get me thinking about what we find interesting, or look for in other blogs.  Anything to add to our lists??


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