15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 9

unnamedDay 9 is asking us why we blog about books.

Kel – Short and simple answer: because I love books!  I have tried blogging before, I did ok when my son was first born and I had a blog about our life but then most of my family and friends joined Facebook and I just shared info and pics there so that blog died.  Then I tried blogging about my crochet projects, hmm yeah that last maybe two weeks.  Then I tried a blog about nail art, that one went for at least a month maybe a bit longer but it still died.  Finally Amy asked me to write some posts for her book blog and what do you know I couldn’t stop.  Then I began my own blog about being an educator and blogged about books over there too.  I love to share books I’ve read and enjoyed.  I don’t necessarily like reviewing books I didn’t like and it’s harder to write those but I have written a few.

Me – I love books!  I love going to the library or book store and picking them out.  I love reading them and sharing them.  My dream job would be a book reviewer, so this is the next best thing!!


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