15 Day Book Blogging Challenge: Day 10

unnamedHow do you choose what book to read next?

Kel – Over the summer this is easy because that seems to be when the new books in all the series I read come out so I just have a stack and work my way through them.  When I don’t have a stack waiting, which is rare but happens.  I’ve been in one of those dry spells lately.  I go back to my favorites and reread.  I wonder the library shelves.  I look for recommendations by others.

Amy – I don’t really have a process!  My daughter and I visit the library once a week and I usually read whatever I’ve picked up for the week.  If there’s a new release that I have to read, I’ll go out and buy it and start reading it right away.  Sometimes I’ll get caught in a series, and read the books back to back until I’ve read through the series.  Another one of my habits is to alternate a really long or heavy book with something a little shorter or easier to read.

So, how do you choose?


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