Blind Date With a Book

unnamedSo it’s Valentine’s Day – and it’s here whether you celebrate it or not.  I’d like to skip it this year, but that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.  Yesterday I helped out at my daughter’s school Valentine’s Day party which was totally adorable, and I spent the day before that preparing treat bags for everyone in her class.  So there’s that, I can’t avoid it.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been on a blind date (years!)  I’ve only been on one and it’s an experience I never wish to repeat!  While at the library last week I noticed a special display of books.  Specially – wrapped books, which hid their covers, each with a cute description of what lay inside the package.  There were many to choose from, all decked out in hearts.  There were short descriptions of the books inside, including a few key words (like hashtags).  Just like someone who may have arranged a blind date, the descriptions were given to make the perfect match between reader and book.  After browsing a few, I picked one that included “British slang, cats, diary format, my life”.  Remembering how much I loved Bridget Jones and all, I thought this might be fun.

9780064472272_p0_v3_s260x420Instead of Miss Jones, or anyone remotely similar, when I opened the package this morning I got Georgia Nicolson.  The young heroine of Louise Rennison’s YA series Confessions of Georgia Nicolson’s series.  It seems like a fun read – and it was a fun surprise.  It will probably be the only thing I get to open for Valentine’s Day!  Now that my husband is in the 6th month of his 10-month deployment, I’m adding this holiday to the long list of ones that I’ve spent without him in the past year.  I think I’ll drown my sorrows with some chocolate today!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Hope yours is much more exciting than mine is!!


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