The Walking Dead

9781607060765_p0_v1_s260x420The Walking Dead series has become a major phenomenon.  Hubby and I are way behind on the TV show mostly because we didn’t have cable when it started and had to wait for it to come out on Netflix.  Then of course is the fact that we’re not comfortable watching it with our 10 year old around so we have to wait until he goes to bed.  We’re finally almost to season 3 so um for those ahead NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!! 

Anyway I had heard from friends on Facebook when the show first started that it was a comic book series as well and the TV show had gone way away from the books.  I resisted picking up those books because even with changes I was afraid I would be spoiled for the show.  Finally I gave in, at the library I found shelf full of the comic books in larger volumes. I broke down and checked out the first two.  As soon as I got home I began reading them.

I love the gritty look of the drawings.  Much of the dialogue in the series in the first episode or two comes straight out of the book.  About halfway through I noticed some changes, some of the scenes I liked so much in the TV show were not in the book, nothing that majorly changed the direction though so I was ok with that.  Then came the end of the book and um WOW!!!  MIND BLOWN!!!  HOLY BLEEPITY BLEEP!!!  I…uh…yeah lost for words at the end. 

Major difference between the comic books and the TV show, and one that I was not unhappy with, though I also understand why the change was made.  Years of teaching com arts and helping students read books then watch movies and looking at why changes were made helped me see exactly why this change had been made and I have no problem with it.  It did really change the way I felt about one of the major characters however, in the TV show I loathe that character in the comic books not so much, mild dislike maybe. 

I went on ahead and read the second volume to find more changes but again nothing bothered me.  The series are almost different enough from what I have watched and read to almost be two different things using some of the same characters though not all.  I have the next 8 volumes on hold for me at the library.  Can’t wait to pick them up and keep reading.

I’ve tried to convince hubby to read them but he doesn’t want to be spoiled for the show. I’ve explained it really won’t do that which matched what I’d heard from friends who read the comic books before watching the show.

I HIGHLY recommend picking up the books if you haven’t yet.  Into zombies but haven’t seen the show for whatever reason, love the show but haven’t read them, never read a comic book/graphic novel GO GET THEM!  You will not regret it.  I can’t wait to pick up the next set and read them. I may have to make an unusual midweek library stop just to check them out.


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