Food: A Love Story

9780804140416_p0_v6_s260x420I love Jim Gaffigan.  I love stand-up comedy, and I think he’s one of the best.  Just before Christmas his latest book came out, and it did not disappoint!  Food: A Love Story, this hilarious book, written by a self-described fatty. I loved Jim Gaffigan’s first book, Dad is Fat, so of course I had to read this book too. So much of the book is pulled from his comedy, which focuses so much on food. He discusses good food, and bad food – and some of his least favorite foods (vegetables, salad, seafood).

He loves burgers, pizza, hot dogs, steaks, sweets. He’s not a fan of fruit, veggies, salads, granola bars (anything remotely healthy). He hilariously calls out seafood:

“Often on the meny, oysters will be listed as ‘oysters on the half shell.’ As opposed to what? ‘In a Kleenex?’ Even the way you are supposed to eat an oyster indicates something counter-intuitive. ‘Squeeze some lemon on it, a dabv of hot sauce, throw the oyster down the back of your throat, take a shot of vodka, and try to forget you just ate snt from a rock.’ That is not how you eat something. That is how you over dose on sleeping pills.”

As a dad of five young children he makes attempts at eating healthy, at least to set a good example. He is also a stand-up comedian, who works late at night, finishing up with a serious burger craving. He’s also on the road a lot, which makes it even harder to eat healthy, he has a section of the book dedicated to cinnabon! One of his most famous jokes is about the Hot Pocket, so of course he talks about that – describing it as basically the worst food on the planet (Secretly I love those things! ;).

“I have strong opinions about food, but I am not a food expert of a ‘foodie.’..I think of myself as an ‘eatie.’ I don’t have anything against foodies. I appreciate their love fo food and I envy their knowledge and culinary escapades, but I’m generally satisfied with what I’ve been eating.”

This book is so hilarious – seriously, I just never stopped laughing.  It’s the perfect anecdote to this never-ending, cold as hell winter!  If you’re snowed in, it goes great with a big mug of hot chocolate (lots of marshmallows!), or a Bailey’s-spiked cup of coffee!  Enjoy!


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