Resolution check-in

How many of you last month made New Years resolutions?  Of those resolutions, have you been able to keep up??  I mentioned before that I really don’t believe in resolutions, but I did set goals for myself for 2015.  Two of my goals I’m happy to say I’m keeping up with – of course it’s only February though.  I’m squeezing in time to read whenever possible.  Staying up reading at night is still a challenge, but I use any spare time I have to devote to reading.  It’s always so relaxing no matter what I’m reading.  I just finished Revival by Stephen King last night, which was great!  I’ve also always got an audiobook downloaded to my iPod, and listen to that while doing chores, checking e-mail, any free time that I get while my daughter is at preschool.  In the past month I’ve been listening to The Giver quartet and loving it!!

unnamedOne think I am keeping up with is my goal to include yoga in my daily routine.  It was an adjustment at first, but now I’m really loving it.  I don’t consider myself to be a very spiritual person, and don’t think I could ever meditate, but there’s something so relaxing and centering about yoga.  I’ve been using the yoga app, and depending on my daily schedule have been able to fit in 5-10 minutes of yoga every day.  What I love about the app is that there are a variety of yoga workouts – depending on what time I have, and my ability level.  My cats find it so intriguing when I use the app on my phone, placing it down next to me on the floor.  Here we are doing yoga together!

unnamed-1My daughter has joined me a couple of times on the yoga mat.  She’s been doing yoga at school, and she really loves it.  I love watching her do her “yoga moves”, and the names the teacher has given each pose.  My favorite is her downward dog, which apparently they call “ponies in the barn”.  Adorable!

Getting through the rest of winter will be hard – it’s currently 14 degrees outside.  And I live in Virginia – I know there are places that are way colder than that.  Keeping up with these goals has not been easy.  I’d honestly rather hide under a pile of blankets and emerge sometime in late March!  Are you keeping up with your goals/resolutions??

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