The Drop

9780062365446_p0_v6_s260x420I will be sad and excited to watch James Gandolfini’s last movie, The Drop. It’s based on Dennis Lehane’s latest book of the same name. Dennis Lehane is known for crime drama, and this latest book of his is a good one. The drop refers to a location that the Chechan mafia has been using to hide drugs, money, and other bad stuff.  Bob, along with his cousin Marv (Gandolfini’s character), manage a bar in a not-so-great neighborhood in Boston. The story begins with Bob finding an abandoned puppy.   A woman named Nadia urges him to keep and care for the puppy, and in this one encounter brings much more than just a new pet into his life.  Shortly after finding the puppy, he realizes that his bar is the drop.

Dennis Lehane is also known for writing Shutter Island and Mystic River. Boston is familiar territory, and small-time organized crime is often at the center of his work.  And this is behind the robbery of their bar. Only when cops come to investigate do they learn their bar had been used as a drop site. The story is compelling, and the book is hard to put down!  The Chechans are brutal, and have brutally murdered locals who tried to stand up to them.  One of the major drops Bob and Marv are trying to prevent was planned for Superbowl Sunday, last year – the Seahawks v the Broncos.  Set to be one of the bar’s busiest days.

As they prepare to try and prevent the drop, the story takes a detour south with Eric. Eric is a convict fresh out of jail and is eager to get back into dealing, and work with the Chechans.  He takes a big risk by killing his distributors. Eric had once been involved with Nadia.  He comes back to Boston to get back in the game – and he’s coming back for her. By the time he gets back Bob and Nadia have grown close – and his sudden reappearance complicates their new relationship.  He’s crazy and ruthless, will do anything to get her back – and to get in good with the Chechans.

Nadia is beautiful and tortured, Bob thinks she’s way out of his league. I really rooted for this couple – they both needed each other, and they both needed healing. I also rooted for Bob and cousin Marv, in getting their bar back.  I loved the story – and I love Dennis Lehane.  I love that everything was so current, like he has his finger on the pulse of Boston.  He has a thing for crime drama – and it’s a good thing!!


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