New Fiction Friday: Revival

unnamedWhen Kelly and I first started this blog, we ambitiously started a regular weekly post, New Fiction Friday.  We haven’t done it in a while, and we’re happy to finally bring it back – and plan to keep this up weekly (fingers crossed!).  For our first NFF post in a while, we’re sharing our review on Stephen King’s latest. We’re both huge fans!!  He never fails to amaze me with his creativity.  Revival, his latest novel, focuses on a fallen, lost preacher who has managed to harness the power of electricity, and is using it like no one else ever has. At the center of the story is Jamie, who met Pastor Charlie as a young boy. Throughout the course of the story Pastor Charlie goes by many names, and goes through a series of transformations, each change taking him farther away from the pastor he once was.

9781476770383_p0_v4_s260x420Jamie’s childhood is shaped by this experience, the preacher and his family are young, energetic, and welcoming, making them popular not only with the kids of the community – but with the whole congregation. When the pastor’s wife and child are brutally killed in a car accident, he leaves religion for good. He doesn’t exactly shed his “pastor” title though. Jamie’s life takes him down a dark path, and is secuded by music from the moment he picked up his brother’s guitar.  He meets Charlie again later in life, now a heroin addict having just been kicked out of his band and left broke.

Charlie cures of him of his heroin addiction, somehow by using electricity. As an untrained scientist, Jamie witnessed Charlie’s first experiment on his older brother when they were both kids.  Charlie continued to experiment – exploring some of the darker sides of science after losing his wife and son.  He begins to draw many followers on a revival-style circuit (hence the name).  He has cured a variety of people with a variety of illnesses and what’s scary about this is how easy it is to believe that it could be real.  As one of his patients, who has experienced a cure, Jamie knows that there is a dark side of the treatment – and goes out in search of Charlie’s other patients, in order to put a stop to it. There is a growing list of individuals who are suffereing from these negative side effects. A list which Jamie and a friend have compiled, and the side effects are shocking and scary – Jamie himself had a recurring dream, that when it was described I had to set down the book for a bit!!

“Using lighting as a road to the secret electricity, and the secret electricity as a thoroughfare to potestas magnum universum, I intent to bring Mary Fay back to some form of life. I intend to learn the truth of what’s on the other side of the door that leads into the Kingdom of Death.”

It’s not a scary story – and that’s kind of what King is known for. It was very creepy though, and had me wondering if anything in the book were actually possible.  That’s probably more scary than anything!  Mr. King has done it again, and I’m looking for his next book, Finders Keepers, which is set for release in June.


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